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Version: 1.2
by: xtreeem [More]

WhatIsUp is a small and relativly simple addon that i have written for two purposes.
Purpose one is that I wanted to have an addon doing cooldown bars for raid cooldowns that i could modify to work as i wanted it.
And the second being that I was assigned a project at school to do something in Lua so the two fit nicely together.

((At the moment the addon has a dependancy upon DBM this might or might not be changed later on))

Now as for what the addon actually does it simply creates DBM bars on a seperat anchor point from the standard once that then track any of the major cooldowns that are used by members of the players raid group.

To create a movable bar use the following command
I will be adding a slash command for this in the future but for now this will have to make due.

It carries the following features.
*Customization as to what spell should be tracked or not
*The ability to create exceptions for certain players
*The ability to detect if a priest is holy or disc when using Divine Hymn
*Custom anchor apart from the DBM main anchor

This is still a very early release mainly uploaded to allow me easy access to it at school and as such is still lacking the following things.
*A /slash to unlock and display the movable bar
*A easier way of changing the texture

- Basic release

- Fixed some embarrassing mistakes on base cooldowns.

- added basic reset function for 5min cooldowns when engaging a boss
- updated most of the none correct cooldowns
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Originally Posted by ibxdmxxdl
Where are the options? I am trying to move the bars around while solo in a city, maybe I should try again next time I'm in a raid?
Hello there.
See this is a good example of why one should not scribble down a hasty explanation before rushing to school then forgetting all about it.

to show the movable anchor you type in game

/script WhatIsUpBars:ShowMovableBar()

and you only really need to pay attention to the bigger one.
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Unread 05-04-12, 07:21 AM  
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Where are the options? I am trying to move the bars around while solo in a city, maybe I should try again next time I'm in a raid?
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