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Updated: 06-19-14 12:51 AM
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Updated:06-19-14 12:51 AM
Created:05-19-12 12:48 PM

Squelchy's Gun2Bow Sound Pack - 5.4 MoP

Version: 1
by: squelchywelchy [More]

Squelchy's Gun2Bow Sound Pack

Squelchy's Gun2Bow is not an addon but a sound pack.

Works with 5.4 MoP and is fully backwardly compatible

Its purpose is to replace the annoying loud gun sounds with the quieter bow sounds.

As of 4.0.1, custom .wav files are no longer supported by WoW so both .wav and .ogg files are included so as to backwardly compatable.

Please read the included read me for installation guidelines but basically :

To work simply copy the Sound folder (without alteration) into the Data folder inside the World of Warcraft folder.

The sound pack only works client side, so unless others in your group have installed the pack as well only you will hear the bow sounds and they will still hear the gun sounds.

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05-19-12 12:48 PM

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Unread 05-07-15, 11:31 PM  
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15 minutes of fame must be arbitrary / automated.

You have to know the Sound folder does NOT go into the data folder.
You'll need to fix that in your details - both on the page and within the notes.

Kudos, however, for stating that this is not an addon.
Other compilers (they're not authors), of similar sound collections, have tried to pretend their efforts are.
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Unread 05-20-12, 11:52 AM  
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Thanks a lot for this one, I hate the gun sound so much that I usually forsake a better weapon and use a bow/crossbow instead of a gun.
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