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Sendan UI - All Purpose UI - 1280x720 UI

Version: 1
by: Sendan [More]

This is my Custom made UI.

This UI was designed for 1280 x 720 Resolution. Any other resolutions will have to be adjusted by the user.

This UI Pack is a clean UI that I use mainly for raiding. This addon suites me perfectly when healing/damaging with paladin or tanking with my warrior.

Download the UI Pack.
Extract the files.
Back up current WTF, Cache, Interface files.
In the new WTF File. Go to account, Change ACCOUNT to your account name. Change SERVER to you server name. Change Character to your character name.
Log in and the UI should be ready to use.

If any addon is in the wrong place. Press Esc, go to interface - Addons. In the addon that needs changed, go to profile and select MAIN or Main.

Hope you enjoy my UI.

Addons in this package:
Addon Control Panel - by Sylvanaar
Auction Profit - by DaKilllerCow & milkmoocow
Auctionator - By Zirco
Bagnon - By Tuller & Jaliborc
Bankstack - By Kemayo
Bartender4 - by Nevcairiel
Blitz - by Jaliborc
Chatter - By Antiarc & Grum
Deadly Boss Mods - By Tandanu, Arta88, Mave99, Mysticalos
Debuff Filter - By Porkbone
Decursive - By Archarodim
eAlign - By Eurytus
Fatality - By oomp
Fortexorcist - By Xus
Grid - By Phanx, Maia, Pastamancer
MailOpener - By Zerotoresuce
MikScrollingBattleText - By Mikord
NugComboBar - By d87
OmniCC - By Tuller, Jaliborc
oRA3 - By Ammo, Rabit
Quartz - By Nevcairiel
Recount - By Elsia, Cryect
Sexymap - By Antiarc, Funkydude
Shadowed Unit Frames - By Shadowed
TipTac - Aezay
Titan Panel - By HonorGoG, urnati

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