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QuestSounds (MoP beta)

Version: 2012.07.08
by: Yocote [More]

QuestSounds - version 2012.07.08 (MoP Beta)

The "live" version of this addon now has been updated, see http://www.wowinterface.com/download...estSounds.html (version 2012.08.29)

QuestSounds is a small addon to give audio cues on the following events:

  • you complete a quest
  • you complete an objective of a quest
  • you gain progress on one of the objectives of a quest

Each of these events will cause a distinct sound to be played (only the 'highest ranked' of these sounds will play, of course)

The idea for this addon was inspired by MonkeyQuest's quest completion sounds; I wanted to have that feature without having to load that full addon, as most other features of MonkeyQuest are now provided by blizzard's built-in objectives tracker.

My goal is to keep this addon small. This has the following implications:
  • There is only little configuration flexibility, via commandline instructions (see below)
  • The sounds are sounds that are sounds that are embedded in the game, they are not external sound files.
  • There is no localization support. As far as I can see, the addon will work in other languages as well, but the feedback messages will be printed in english and the commands are in english.

Known problems:
  • The sounds may not play the first time they should play (if they aren't cached yet).
  • For some quests the wrong 'rank' of sound may play (e.g. the objective complete sound when the quest complete sound should play)


There are a few configuration commands available via the "/qsnd" command ("/questsounds" is an alias for "/qsnd"). Sorry - no graphical configuration yet.

There are a few "sound sets" built in that you can choose between. In this version you can switch between these via:
  • /qsnd set gong
  • /qsnd set wacky
  • /qsnd set creatures

The 'wacky' set is the default in this version. (In the previous version the 'gong' set was the default)

You can test the sounds via the "/qsnd test" command:
  • /qsnd test quest
    (plays the "quest complete" sound)
  • /qsnd test objective
    (plays the "objective complete" sound)
  • /qsnd test part
    (plays the "progress" sound)

(For 'live' version of this addon, see http://www.wowinterface.com/download...estSounds.html)

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nice idea

nice idea i like it
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