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Battle Pet Quality (MoP Beta)

Version: 1
by: Emberdawn [More]

Notice: This 'proof of concept' Addon will not be supported due to the Awesomeness of my full fledged Addon:

When a Pet Battle starts, this will Print in the Chat frame the Enemy's Pet Names and Quality.

I made this mod because I have seen a few other mods out there that try to get the Quality using a math formula, but I found that they are incorrect a lot of the time. So I started researching why this was, and stumbled across this Blizzard API function. Since this uses blizzard API it is always correct.

If anybody else would like to expand on this, my code is free to anybody that wants it.

NOTE: This is for Pandaria Beta ONLY!, it will NOT work on Live Servers.

Update: 07/19 Patch: This explains why the math formula is off. The health values for ALL pets have changed. The other addons I have tried with the formula were downloaded before the 19th, so they may have been updated to correct formulas now. Sorry for any confusion!

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