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Updated: 07-28-12 11:30 PM
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Updated:07-28-12 11:30 PM
Created:07-28-12 11:30 PM

nUI : InfoPanel [VuhDo] ( MoP Beta )

Version: r6
by: KanadiaN [More]

This InfoPanel is a Alpha release

I made this at the request of a friend. This will put VuhDo into an InfoPanel.. you must be the one to do the setting to make it look right. Below is a quick how to.

In Memory of the late Shawn ( R.I.P. Bouda )


VuhDo Config -> 
     Tools Tab -> Panel Wizard -> Unsort ( then click apply )
     Panel Tab   -> General      -> Max. Columm : 8
     Panel Tab   -> General      -> Max. Rows : 5
     Panel Tab   -> Headers      -> Uncheck Headers
     Panel Tab   -> Sizing
                 -> Bar Height : 32
                 -> Bar Width : 46
These setting are made on a screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 (Wide Screen) and may very on different screen resolutions

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VuhDo Not Working

Is there going to be anymore updates to this project? I just started using the nUI + and so far Im loving it. But i use VuhDo for healing and Would love for it to be working again on this beautiful UI now. Thanks in advance.
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