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ShivvAudio (Add Sound & Music To Events)

Version: 3.1.1
by: Kith [More]

ShivvAudio allows you to assign media (sounds or music) to things that happen in the game. There are 4 main modules, each allows media to be attached to a different in-game source. These modules are:

Auras - Allows a sound to be attached when you (or those around you) gain or lose an aura (buff or debuff). The mod doesn't care where the aura came from, simply that it exists on the 'unit' you are tracking. Additionally, for auras on yourself (the 'player' unit) you can have the mod play a music file while the buff is active.

Examples: playing music while on a mount, an alert when an arena opponent gains a powerful buff, an alert when a party member gets a nasty raid mob debuff and needs special attention, an alert when your pet's buffs fade.

Combat - Allows you to set music to play during combat, as well as sounds when entering and leaving combat. This is configurable for each main area (other than arenas) you can fight in such as battlegrounds, dungeons, raids and out in the world. You can also set special music to play when battling overworld elites or bosses in dungeons (boss music requires DBM to be installed). Additionally by enabling tiered combat you can have more epic music play the more mobs you chain in a single battle!

Note: Boss music tracking now integrates with DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) and needs the mod to be both installed and the appropriate zone modules active for tracking to work.

Events - Allows you to attach sounds (or music) to in-game events such as leveling up, earning an achievement or your character dying (never said all the event choices were pleasant ones!). You can also have music play when visiting vendors such as shops, the auction house or the bank. In addition, for Mists of Pandaria you can set sound and music to play during pet battles for that authentic 'battle experience'.

Vitals - Allows a sound to be assigned to yourself (or those around you) that alerts you when they fall below a certain amount of health or power (rage/energy/mana/etc). Each unit tracked can have its health or power (or both) tracked with unique or similar sounds for each, and a trigger only at a percentage chosen by you.

Examples: an alert when your health or a party member's health falls below 50%, an alert when a raid boss is in the 25% 'execution' phase (so long as its your target or focus).

Global Media Database - In addition to these modules which are configured on a per profile (default per character) basis, ShivvAudio provides a global database for sounds that are used by all characters on a single account. For each media entry, you pick a name that references the media being entered and that name will represent the media in all the other modules options. While the mod assumes most of your media files will be played from the Media folder in ShivvAudio's AddOn folder, you can use a file placed in any AddOn's folder or even sounds built into WoW itself!

Examples of valid file paths would be:|r

For a file in the ShivvAudio\Media folder -
(and checking 'In Shivv Media?')

For a file in another AddOn's folder -
(and unchecking 'In Shivv Media?')

For a file in WoW itself -
Sound\Event Sounds\Event_wardrum_ogre.wav
(and unchecking 'In Shivv Media?')

Note: Paths for files internal to WoW must be found yourself on various websites and while internal files can have a .wav extension, WoW will only recognise .mp3 or .ogg externally. Additionally, you must enter a full filename (or path) including the file extension (.mp3, etc) and WoW is case-sensitive in regards to filenames, so please be aware of the above.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware of setting a sound to a recommended music entry and vice versa. The way WoW works is that anything tagged as music will be unique and stop any other music currently playing; but for a sound, all sounds activated can play concurrently. This makes it a bad idea, for example, to associated music with anything under Vitals or for gaining and losing a buff as once a long sound begins playing (when not assigned as music), it cannot be stopped without rebooting the game.

-- 3.1.1 --
Updated ToC for 5.1
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