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Return to Karazhan (7.1.5)
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OmegaMap  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 7.1
by: Gathirer [More]

OmegaMap is a scalable, moveable, transparent WorldMap that the user can have on screen while they continue to play and interact with the world. It is based off of the old AlphaMap addon but re-written from the ground up using the Wow 4.x/5.x map code.

Features include:

  • A scalable, moveable, transparent WorldMap
  • Options to display quests POI on the map with a hideable quest objective window
  • Option to display Archeology dig sites
  • Option to display Dungeon Boss Icons
  • Option to display alternate Minimap textured maps of Battlegrounds, Caves, and Dungeon Exteriors
  • Native support for displaying MapNotes, Gatherer, Gathermate2, CTMapMod, TomTom, Routes, _NPCScan.Overlay, QuestHelper Light, PetTracker, HandyNotes
  • New in V1.2 Moveable HotSpot which toggle viewing of OmegaMap via mouseover
  • New in V1.3 "Compact Mode" will only show explorable areas of the map. Unexplored parts will have a slight tint to them . Note: Due to how Blizzard makes their maps, there is not a compact mode for every map.
  • New in V1.3 OmegaMap now saves position and scale for Battlegrounds independent of the normal map. Just enter a BG and position the map, It will then switch when entering and leaving BGs.
Alternate BattleGround Maps:

Minimap textured maps of Battlegrounds displaying all player units, and Battleground flags/objectives. Right Clicking on the Map POI icons or icons in the not list will bring up a list of Commands to broadcast to the raid group. IE "Fall back to Black Smith" or "Farm Undefended." Left clicking will bring up Zerg Alerts to broadcast to the raid, IE 1,2,3,.. or "Zerg incoming to Farm". or "Farm OK!". For Capture the Flag Games, Right Clicking on the Flag Carrier icon will bring up Flag Carrier Alerts to Broadcast. IE "Alliance Flag Headed East" or "Horde Flag at Alliance Roof"

Exteriors & Caves :

Minimap textured maps for the following caves and dungeon exteriors (the area before the portal): Auchindoun,, Blackfathom Deeps, Coilfang Reservoir, Dire Maul, Karazhan, Sunken Temple, Crumbling Depths & Temple of Earth in Deepholm, The Molten Flow daily area in the Firelands. All the above alternate maps have notes detailing key locations, mobs, etc.

For the OmegaMap FAQ check out: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/omegamap/pages/omega-map-faq/

See Patch Notes / Change History for specific details of functional changes/bug fixes

For Bug Reporting & Feature Request, create a ticket at CurseForge: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/omegamap/

-Updated map to reflect changes from 7.1 patch
-Removed Map Notes support as that addon is no longer being updated

- Update to Routes plugins

- Update to plugins that switched from using astrolabe to here be dragons.

Update version numbering to reflect WoW version
Update map code to reflect WoD changes

V1.8 Added support for HandyNotes

-Update to WOW 5.4 map changes
-Checked plugins for updates
-Fixed GatherMate not showing profession/tracking only settings
-Fixed GatherMated nodes showing in microdungeons on OmegaMap
-Fixed OmegaMap not displaying vehicles correctly
-Updated OmegaMap to work the the most recent version of MapNotes(6.09.50001)

-Updated PetTracker plugin to be compatable with PetTracker V5.3.13

-Updated PetTracker plugin to fix errors

-Added alternate map for Deepwind Gorge
-Fixed issues with Temple of Kotmogu & Silvershard Mine alternate maps
-Added support for PetTracker Addon

-Updated map code to reflect WoW 5.3 map changes
-bug fixes

-Bug fix

-Isle of thunder compact mode missing map fix.

-Update TOC

-Updated map code to reflect WoW 5.2 map changes
-Added Isle of Thunder map & POI


-Updated map code to reflect WoW 5.1 map changes
-Added Battle Pet Levels to Zone info
-Updated Plugins
-Added Scale Slider to Map (Ticket 19)
-Added lock to HotSpot when clicked to allow map to continue to be shown when leaving HotSpot(Ticket 17)
-Minor tweaksv1.3.6
-Updated TomTom plugin to fix bug caused by changes to TomTom.

-Fixed bug preventing QuestHelper Lite info from displaying
-Adjusted map opacity so map can go completely opaque

-Fixed the displaying of Gatherer nodes.

-POI and Quest blobs in Scenarios should now be working properly.

-Fixed some compact mode issues
-Fixed problems when viewing maps in scenarios
-Added the ability to show tinted unexplored areas when useing the Compact Mode. Without this then any unexplored area would not be shown.
-Added support for MozzFullWorldMap
-Added loading messages when a plugin is used
-Fixed interactions with addons using Astrolabe that caused the map to reset to the current zone
-Added independent settings for Standard and BG maps. (Ticket 12)
-Added "Compact Mode" (Ticket 15)
-Added built in support for QuestHelperLight (Ticket 14)
-Fixed protected call error (Ticket 13)
-Fixed Raid member icons remaining on map after leaving group (Ticket 11)

V1.2 (8/30/12)
-Minor bug fixes & tweaks
-Added loading message
-Added moveable HotSpot icon that will toggle map on mouseover. Can be toggled via options and middle clicking
on DataBroker or Minimap icons. (Ticket 8)
-Added OpmegaMap Config toggle to the Blizzard Addon Interface Menu (Ticket 10)
-Updated TomTom plugin file to reflect changes to the TomTom addon (Ticket 6)
-Added DataBroker support and Minimap Icon (Ticket 9)

V1.1 (08/27/12)
-Updated files to match changes to Blizzard's map code for Mists
-Bugfix for TomTom error (Ticket #5)
-Bugfix to keep Map Corrdinates Hidden when disabled (Ticket #4)
-Bugfix to keep Apha Slider Hidden when disabled(Ticket #4)
-Added option to keep map open on "Escape" keypress.
-Added Maps for the Mists Battlegrounds Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mine
-Removed the following exterior maps due to Blizzard adding maps to areas: Cavern of Time, Scarlet Monestary,
Uldman, Black Rock Mountain, Maraudon, Wailing Caverns, The Deadmines, Gnomeregan

V1.0.4 (7/17/12)
-Bugfix for a problem with a nil variable in the hotkey settings

V1.0.3 (7/14/12)
-Added the option to lock the map for interaction between views
-Added the option to select a hotkey that will cause the map to solidify for interaction
-Removed some left behind test items from the code

V1.0.2 (7/11/12):
-Fixed Missing Disabled text global for Routes in the Options Menu

V1.0.1 (7/11/12):
-Added built in support for the NPCScan.Overlay addon
-Changed layout and cleaned up code for the Options Menu

V1.0 (7-8-12)
-Initial Public Release
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Unread 12-21-15, 06:26 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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lol i also returned to wow since yesterday. Couldnt find any map addon. Then found this one. Thanks alot!
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Unread 12-19-15, 12:39 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Thank you for OmegaMap!

Hi! I recently returned to WoW and was devastated to find that AlphaMap hasn't been kept up-to-date. Thank you so much for continuing its legacy with OmegaMap!

I left a couple tickets at CurseForge regarding AlphaMap's functionality that I relied upon but is absent from OmegaMap. I just wanted to say here that I'm so incredibly grateful for your work on OmegaMap, and whether or not you implement my requests, I appreciate your time and effort on this addon.
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Unread 10-17-14, 04:04 AM  
Premium Member
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Originally Posted by Imithat
nice, but do you plan a remove of "fog of war" option?
that would be a very nice addition!
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Unread 07-15-14, 12:45 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr

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Very cool, I especially like the battleground map options!
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Unread 06-13-13, 01:48 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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nice, but do you plan a remove of "fog of war" option?
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