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Waterbolt Casting Sound Silencer (Mage WaterElemental)

Version: 1.1
by: Kenjiee [More]

This Addon will just Play an "empty" Sound file.
>>>>>>>>>>Absolutely Silent<<<<<<<<<

Extract the Sound Folder to:

X:\"Your WoW Folder"\Data\
-> Just put the Sound Folder in the DATA Folder)
-> If a "Sound" Folder already exists then Merge these Folders.

And Start or Restart your WoW.

This Addon only disables the Casting Audio of Waterbolt.

Side notes:
This will
a) Not Damage your WoW installation
b) To Remove just Delete "PreCastFrostMagicHigh.ogg" from
X:\"Your WoW Folder"\Data\Sound\Spells

With the upcoming Patch and Addon your WaterElemental will be permanently stay at your side with the Glyph and cast its stupid Waterbolt. The Channeling Sound of the Waterbolt cast was so obnoxious it made me angry. I searched the Sound MPQ file for about 3 hours and finely found the sound which it is using. I probably listened to about 500 sound files LOL so here you go guys.

Small print: if any other sound bit of the WaterElement animation aggro, damagetaken, start damage, Waterbolt impact and (finished cast) ore fucking anything, annoys you to your teeth send a mail to menot99(at)gmail.com and I look what i can do.

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