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Updated: 08-30-12 07:47 PM
Updated:08-30-12 07:47 PM
Created:08-30-12 07:47 PM

WaterElemental Aura Sound Silencer

Version: 1.0
by: Kenjiee [More]

This Addon will just Play an "empty" Sound file.
>>>>>>>>>>Absolutely Silent<<<<<<<<<

Extract the Sound Folder to:

X:\"Your WoW Folder"\Data\
-> Just put the Sound Folder in the DATA Folder)
-> If a "Sound" Folder already exists then Merge these Folders.

And Start or Restart your WoW.

This Addon only disables the Aura Audio.

Side notes:
This will
a) Not Damage your WoW installation
b) To Remove just Delete "waterelementalloop.ogg" from
X:\"Your WoW Folder"\Data\Sound\creature\WaterElemental

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