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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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Version: 1.0.3
by: Syeira [More]

What is QuiDicit?
While the texts are rushing through the chat window you might miss your dialog partners or the people you really want to listen to. As every chat type has ist own coloring, it can be hard to identify the important texts.

Against the confusing masses in the walls-of-text I wrote QuiDicit, an addon which highlights the texts of your chosen friends or speakers. Its entry in the chat menu allows you to easily manage the colors of different characters and groups (you know, the yellow speach bubble left of the chat). Additionally QuiDicit enables you to color just the interesting names - or even the whole text line of them.

How to use
Using the chat menu
You can find the grafic menu of QuiDicit left of the chat as it is integrated as a new submenu in the original chat menu, a small button with a yellow speach bubble in it. There you can color the characters and groups easily by a dialog window with three possibilities to set the color:

  • Light bar and color wheel (left in the dialog)
  • RGB-slider (right in the dialog), below the sliders you can the the currently set values. The Mousewheel should be possible for fine tuning of the values
  • RGB in HEX values (bottom, between the two buttons), enter the value without the leading "#" with exact 6 symbols of A-F and 0.
In the middle is a small preview square which presents the set color

Management of characters
With the character/target option you can color individual names/characters. You can enter the name in the dialog window, and if you have someone in the target, QuiDicit inserts its name automatically into the dialog.
Color character sets a individual color for a character.
Group character sets a group for a character. You can choose from existing groups or create a new one with a color in the same step.
Uncolor character removes the individual color.
Ungroup character removes the group from a character.
Delete character removes the character from your color listing.

Management of groups
You have to enter a name for a group and every character can belong maximal to one group.
Create group creates a group and sets a color for it.
Color group changes the color of a group.
Clear group removes all character from this group, the group itself still exstits but is empty.
Delete group removes the group and removes itself from every character. The characters remain!

Following options you can activate or deactivate:
QuiDicit enables/disables the whole addon.
Name coloring colors the name in chat
Line coloring colors the whole line in chat
Show color setting prints your current color setting for characters and groups. The characters are displayed in the form "Name (in active color): example character color, example group color"
Channel sets the actual channel which will be affected with the new colorings

As default, the individual character color is priorized before the group color. But you can change this behaviour with "/qdic priority name" or "/qdic priority group".

Chat commands
If you prefer chat commands, you can get a list of these with "/qdic help". The grafic menu near the chat contains all essential functions you will need.

* Interfacenumber for 6.0 (60000)
* Bugfixes, the chat is colored again
* Handles realm names in chat

* Interface number for 5.4.0 and 5.4.1 (50400)

* Interface number for 5.3 (50300)

* Released
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