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Theudric UI - 1920x1080 (wide)

Version: v1.0
by: Theudric [More]

General Info:

Theudric UI conveys a simple minimalistic look and feel while been useful to both casual and hardcore players alike. The UI has been a personal project for some 5-6 years due to the lack of UI creators managing to bridge between minimalistic & informative/well designed UI's. Over my time with this UI, Ive been able to change/adapt it to be useful to all roles, DPS TANK & HEALER.

I created the UI to have maximum visuals of your surroundings while been informative to boss timers, player cool-downs, casting, warnings and much more. Normally UI's which embody all these become cluttered during encounters with data been thrown all over the screen. Theudric UI attempts keep the player organised with cool-downs, boss timers etc within the bottom centre of the screen, 'cuddling' the Unit Frames.

All key-bindings are specific to my keyboard & mouse, which thankfully have plenty of buttons. To clear / change key-bindings: /dominos - Bind Keys...

Important Info:
- Despite the UI been complete, there still might be Bugs per class. Let me know an ill fix them
- Combat Text: by default I use Blizzards, as Miks Scrolling Battle Text isnt bug free yet. When it is Ill include in the UI how I normal have it setup, which continues with the clean look and feel.

How to Install:
(This is how I personally do things when I try out a UI)

Step 1
In this step we are going to get you ready for the UI change

- Firstly Locate your wow directory: ''C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft''
- Secondly create 2 new folders on your Desktop, 'Old UI' + 'New UI'.
*This helps keep things separate and organised*

- Drag your current Interface and WTF folders to ''Old UI'' folder on your desktop.
- Download and Extract my UI into a folder on your, ''New UI''.

Step 2
In this step we are going to place the UI correctly and configure the WTF folder

- Drag the Interface + WTF folder from your 'New UI' folder into your wow directory
- Head into the WTF folder and make sure to rename these folders to your relevant details:

  • WTF/account/YOURACCOUNTNAME - change to the name of your wow account
  • WTF/account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/Yourserver - change to the name of the server you play on
  • WTF/account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/Yourserver/Character - change to the name of your character

Step 3
In this step we are going to setup the UI through the use of profiles I created per addon

- Load up wow, in the addons screen make sure all are enabled!
- Login..... dont panic if the UI is all messed up, we'll clean this up soon enough.
- Open the following addons, find the profile tab, and 'copy from' - Theudric Ravencrest OR Paladin:

Bagon - press B, rightclick ''charactername's Inventory'' & configure the columns etc.
BigWigs - /bigwigs
Dominos - /dominos
Grid - /grid
Quartz - /quartz
Raven - /raven
SexyMap - rightclick minimap
Shadowedunitframes - /suf
Skada - /skada config
Tiptac - /tiptac then move the anchor where you wish.

Addons used:

NPCScan - (Alerts you of nearby Rare Mobs)
Atlasloot - (Loot Table for all wow items)
Bagon - (Compiles all bag frames into one, easily configured)
BigWigs - (Boss warnings, timers and alerts)
Dominos - (Action Bar replacement)
ForteXorcist II - (Class specific cooldown visuals/warnings)
Gatherer - (Helps you compile together a route for gathering professions)
Grid - (Party, Raid and Pvp replacement Unitframes)
GridStatusHots - (Displays HoT timers on grid UF)
kgpanels - (Create your own simple panels, used as a background for actionbars in this UI)
Postal - (Simple easy post manager, 1 button opens all!)
Quartz - (Castbar, used for player and target only)
Raven - (Cooldown timer bars, Buffs, Debuffs, Highly customisable)
rChat - (Simple chat mod)
SexyMap - (Basic minimap, clean look)
Shadowed Unit Frames - (Used in this UI for Player, Target, Targets Target and Boss frames)
Skada - (Data gatherer for Damage, Healing etc)
SlideBar - (an ''addon quick menu''. Comes with Gatherer)
Swatter - (Catches errors and displays info. Comes with Gatherer)
TipTac - (Shows extended information on your current target, or whoever you hover the cursor over)

*Links to addons coming soon*

Big Thanks to ALL the authors of each addon in the UI. No addon was created by myself!

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A Kobold Labourer

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Hi, looks really good. But one thing most of the mods missing your Profile so have to tweak them manually. Rather than that great job.
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Unread 10-06-12, 10:56 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hey, thanks for putting this together. I quit shortly after Cata released and only just started again in MoP. Your setup looks pretty close to what I had before. I might change the layout a bit, but you pretty much nailed what I was looking for.

Thanks again
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