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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
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ThuBz Login Tweak

Version: v1.2
by: Thubz [More]

ThuBz Login Tweak

Hey everyone,

First of all i wanna give a BIG Thanks to lilgulps for allowing me to use his .blp files to start this with.
I've been working and re-making my ThuBz-UI alot and still not sure what to make of it to share so all people like it.
BUT for now i got this nice login tweak that makes it look all beter, for now i kept it easy and just made it match the MoP Colors

== What is "ThuBz Login Tweak" ==

The screenshots says it all, it just replace the buttons on the login screen and character select/creation.
My first version is straight from lilgulps design with a re-color to MoP Style.

In the near future more colors will be added,
Red/Purple/Blue are my next steps.
After that i will make a total new design and add more styles to the file.

== Installation ==

Unpack Thubz-login.rar
Extract the files "Common" & "Glues"

- For example

//C:/Program Files (x86)/World of warcraft/Interface//

Do **NOT** trow them in the Addons folder otherwise they wont work.

That's all!

== AddOn Compatibility ==

Compatible with all version known so far, if not post me something but i doubt that will ever be needed.
Tested with 5.2 still works.

== Notice ==

I Didn't do much with this file for a long time, altho soon ill make a redesign to match the WoD Expansion

== Screenshots ==

Style 01: MoP Green

== Suggestions ==

Color or Design suggestions?
Dont be afraid to post them!
i work on requests but in my own time, since i also got my ThuBz UI that has ALOT of work left to do!

== !! ATTENTION !! ==

IF you wish to use/re-design/upload these .BLP files please send a request to lilgulps

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