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Discord Unit Frames.
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Insomniax Discord Unit Frames Layout

Version: v1
by: Tellat [More]

Requires: Discord Unit Frames.

For those who don't want to start from scratch with their own Discord Unit Frames setup or those that have fond memories of a DUF setup from times past.

A big round of applause for Fizzlemizz, reviving Discord Unit Frames from the dust. Without DUF pioneering Unit Frame customization .... well there may have been a few less of us still playing.

Plus a big thank you to the individual(s) that originally created this Unit Frame Layout!

This Unit Frame Layout was discovered on an old hard drive and seem to be compatible with the Latest DUF, but like with all things from the past ... like an old Chevy Vega your mileage may vary and they are "as is" so some grunt work may need to be done to get them the way you like them.

NOTE: Before making the changes described below save a copy of your [Drive]:[Programs folder]\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\[YOUR_ACCOUNT]\SavedVariables\DiscordUnitFrames.lua file.

To use a configuration:

Before starting the game: copy/paste the contents of one or more .LUA files into DiscordUnitFrames.lua after the line "DUF_Settings = {".

Copy the .TTF (TrueType font) file to your [Drive]:[Programs folder]\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\DiscordUnitFrames\CustomFonts folder.

Copy the .TGA (Targa Graphics) files to your [Drive]:[Programs folder]\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\DiscordUnitFrames\CustomTextures folder.

Log on to a character and type /duf, press the "Misc. Options" button (bottom left), select the configuration of your choice from the "Load Profile" drop list and press the "Load" button.

You may also need to adjust/reset the "Updates per Second" to 15-35 (or more depending on your other addon load) for best performance or move unit frames to your preferred location depending on screen resolution.

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