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Lozareth's Diablo Layout

Version: v3
by: Tellat [More]

No Addons are included with this Update! You will need the previous Version of Loz Diablo Layout if you want the AddOns. Requires the Latest version of Discord Unit Frames and Discord Art.

Contained in this update are as follows:

DUF_Custom_Settings, DART_Custom Settings and 3 New(ish) Textures (health_sphere, mana_sphere and neutral_sphere)

To install update

Step1) Go into your Interface>Addons>DiscordUnitFrames Folder, backup your existing DUF_Custom.lua file and then replace it with this new DUF_Custom

Step2) Go into your Interface>Addons>DiscordART Folder, backup your existing DART_Custom.lua file and then replace it with this new DART_Custom

Step3) Go into your Interface>Addons Folder and copy the new Textures into the Textures folder.

Step4) Now /DUF and load the new custom file and then create a new profile to hold the settings, do the same for DART.

Created in (1920x1080 Widescreen)


Old School UI - Ya have to work to install it : )

Way back when Lozareth brought out the Discord series of AddOns. He created a Diablo layout and here it is.... it has been tweeked to work with the 1920x1080 resolution.

Never thought the Discord mods would ever see the light of day and Fizzlemizz brought them back to life, thank you!

I primarilly Solo PVE but I did make sure that Grid2 is in there... trying my hand as a Priest, instead of playing Hunters and Warriors.

I was not sure if this layout would translate well, but it woiks.

V2 - Corrected brain fart and added new textures for Health_sphere, Mana_sphere and Neutral_sphere. This corrected colouring for the Rage, Focus, Energy etc... on the Mana Sphere.


V1 - Corrected paths to textures.
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