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Updated: 03-23-13 07:38 PM
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Thunder Isle (5.2)
Landfall (5.1)
Mists of Pandaria (5.0.4)
Updated:03-23-13 07:38 PM
Created:12-11-12 07:28 AM
Version: 2.1b
by: WrightImage [More]
Automatic Notes Updating! == VERSION 2.1b


* New interface similar to my MyGuildMOTD mod!
* Adds configurable information to the Public Note
* Adds configurable information to the Officer Note
* Prints a status update when the mod makes any changes.

You must have permission to edit the Public and Officer note to use this mod! You do not need to be the GM, just have permission to edit both notes! The mod will add the date and who invited them to the notes only if they are currently blank! The mod will search the history and add notes to anyone that joined the guild while you were offline as far back as the log will allow. This appears to be 100 entries.

I created this mod because not everyone would remember to update the notes. We would have new members with no record of when they joined or who invited them. This makes it easier to see when someone joins the guild as well as who invited them without digging through the log.

There are pages for Joined, Quit, Kicked, and Online players now!

There is also a page for the entire database including players that have left that you had already recorded. All lists are scrollable!

If you hover over a name, it will show you all the information that it has on them.

Left click on the name to "Select" that character, right click to deselect and continue scrolling.

To remove and ALT, go to that character's page and delete the Main information...just blank it out and hit enter.

/mygn toggle will bring up the GUI. There is also a Toggle Icon that can be turned on/off from the Config Menu.

Thanks, Patrick
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Unread 10-03-14, 05:57 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Still working for me in 5.4. The thing with the "everyone quit the guild" error is something I've encountered on every similar addon after a patch, and for me it resolves itself without any action needed. Losing one scan per patch doesn't make my life unliveable (guild size is 600). Apart from "load out-of-date addons" you may also need to disable all your other addons and run it alone to see if the stutter is still there. If it disappears, add your other addons back one by one (and watch the memory usage as you do) and see if you can spot a conflict. More than half my addons are technically out of date at this point, and in a couple of weeks they all will be as 6.0 drops. It's not an issue in itself unless there are conflicts or bugs.
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Unread 09-01-14, 07:33 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Incorrect Dates and Notes!

Considering the date of the last update I thought this and the MOTD would be updated or close too. I have to run it with Load Out of Date Addons checked. That is not so much of an issue as when I pull up My Guild Notes it has the incorrect date for the guild's creation and is showing almost everybody quit the guild including the GM! I understand it may need to go through a period of time through log ins (Opinion I do not know this for sure), but it is making the game stutter every 15 seconds or so! Has there been an update or any fixes for any issues!
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