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Updated: 12-19-12 04:16 AM
Landfall (5.1)
Mists of Pandaria (5.0.4)
Updated:12-19-12 04:16 AM
Created:12-19-12 04:06 AM
Virtual Piano
Version: 0.1
by: Trololol [More]
Virtual Piano

A enhanced piano version of The Bokenspeil
Addon is in beta because WoW does not support more than 6-9 sounds played at the same time since Cataclysm, regardless of how many sound channels are active.
This addon is considered complete in terms of features, and may be a help to others developing similar addons. It is merely an example for other addon developers, and not meant to be a standalone addon due to the client limitations.

Video preview of the addon (filmed in WoTLK) is here.

  • Includes the same key bindings as the website (that has a user base of 8 million) and without any input lag
  • A fully featured 88 key piano
  • Additional keybinds to the default keys (such as "[", "]", "\", delete key, backspace, minus, equals, tab, caps lock, etc)
  • Includes broadcasting for party, whisper, guild and raid. Theoretically, you could have your whole guild or raid playing together on a single piano.
  • Mouse support: you can click on the keys to play them. Unlike, the sound does not go off once you let go your mouse, and also plays instantly once you click on the key.
  • Holding down keys won't result in the keys being spammed like
  • A scale for scaling the size of the piano
  • Addon sounds only button, mutes all sounds so you can hear just the piano
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