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Categories:Buff, Debuff, Spell, Action Bar Mods, Casting Bars, Cooldowns
Version: 1.2.8
by: Iceypop [More]
PolMonitor is a full buff/debuff/spell cooldown/item cooldown monitor that can also double as a hotbar. Each monitor is presented in the form of a button similar to the default UI hot bar, but the cooldown display on the button can be configured to monitor almost anything instead of just a spell cooldown timer.

This addon essentially integrates a hotbar with a monitor without all of the moving bar graphs and fluff. Instead the monitor is actually on your spell button itself, and for many players this is a much easier way to track your cooldowns because you don't have to stare at a bunch of constantly moving parts!


Each button can monitor things like buffs/debuffs on yourself, or your target, your focus target, your pet, and more. It can also monitor item cooldowns too. The buttons are optionally active, meaning if you click them it will cast the configured spell either on you, your target, your focus, or your pet depending on the configured option.

Each monitor group can be placed anywhere on your screen with many display options such as scaling, alpha blending (button transparency), bar locking, and more. It also supports both DogTags (for more complex monitoring) and Masque (for button skinning). OmniCC can be used to show the seconds remaining on cooldowns/buffs/debuffs.

The configuration is saved within any number of profiles and profiles can be assigned to both your Primary and Secondary talent specs. When you change your talent spec, PolMonitor will automatically load the profile that you've assigned for that spec!

Use /pm or /polmonitor to access the configuration.


If you want your Renew button to show the time left of your renew HoT on your current target, you can do that. If you want a Healthstone button that lights up only when you are less than a certain percentage of health, you can do that. If you want your Agony, Corruption, and all other Warlock dot buttons to show when your DoTs will expire on the current target, you can do that. If you want to have a Raging blow button, that tells you when its active, how long you have before the proc ends, and also shows the glowing proc art, you can do that. If you want to have a button that shows your health percentage and lights up when you are under 40% health, and then casts Lay on Hands on you without losing your target if you click it, you can do that. Etc, etc, etc!


Development of this add-on after WOTLK has been done by Iceypop, with permission from the original author Polina. Some additional work was done by Gaff and Coneko before I took over. Giving credit where credit is due. Thank you, each of you.
=> 1.2.8 RELEASED

- Fixed /pm and /polmonitor so they should open the PolMonitor settings again
- Updated DogTag and RangeChecking to latest versions, which should help with WOD compatibility

=> 1.2.7 RELEASED

- Now displays "spell charges" when monitoring spell cooldowns (ie Conflag stacks, etc)
- Fixed a typo which caused target debuff cooldown timers to not display correctly.

=> 1.2.6 RELEASED

- Target debuff monitoring now works with spell proc overlays in the same way that buffs work. I forgot to add this into the last update.

=> 1.2.5 RELEASED

- Now supports Blizzards spell proc overlays during Spell cooldown monitoring! This is on by default.
- New option added to spell monitors "Suppress Overlay". If on, then the spell proc "glow" effect will be hidden for that button
- When checking self-buffs, the buff name will be checked as a valid spell name and if there is a spell proc on it, it will display the proc overlay. This allows for some cool things like monitoring a Raging Blow proc buff timer while still showing the proc effect of the actual ability.
- Updated all Ace3 libraries to latest versions
- Updated TOC for latest 5.4 version of WoW
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Originally Posted by Slaxi81

great mod.
For me it's the best cool down/buffmod since evl_reminders!

Thanks. I've been using it for all of WOTLK and beyond, and I can't live without it! If you have any issues or suggestions, please let me know.
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great mod.
For me it's the best cool down/buffmod since evl_reminders!

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