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Updated: 01-02-15 02:34 PM
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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
Updated:01-02-15 02:34 PM
Created:02-03-13 03:20 AM
Categories:Character Advancement, Chat Mods, Miscellaneous, Utility Mods

Conflict Chat

Version: 19342.01.02.15
by: Belhatite [More]

Custom Chat Frame Replacement
→→→→→ Allows for frames to be moved to bottom or sides of your screen.
→→→→→ Modifies the size limits of the default chat frame settings, such as size, placement
→→→→→ Hides unwanted textures & buttons
→→→→→ Allows mouse scrolling
→→→→→ URL copy/link from chat
→→→→→ Hide the Social Buttons on the Chat Window
→→→→→ Hides Chat Frame Scroll Buttons
→→→→→ Shortens Common channel names
→→→→→ Moves the Edit Box (text input window) to the top of the Chat Frame
→→→→→ Hides Chat Tabs unless you hover over them with your mouse
→→→→→ Right click and 'Copy Name' to pop up a window to copy a persons name from chat (helpful when they have special or alt+ characters in their name)
→→→→→ Right click to 'Guild Invite' a person from chat
→→→→→ /tt to send a /tell to your current target (if able.)
→→→→→ /wt to send a /whisper to your current target (if able.)
→→→→→ Can now enlarge the chat frames to full screen if you would like.
→→→→→ Edge settings in place to prevent you from pushing the window off screen.

Useable /slash Commands
→→→→→ /rui - Reloads the User Interface.
→→→→→ /rc - Perform a Ready check, Will notify you if unable.
→→→→→ /rp - Perform a Role Poll, Will notify you if unable.
→→→→→ /dr - Will disband your raid group, Will notify you if unable.
→→→→→ /lbg - to leave the current battle ground.
→→→→→ /ikick - Vote to kick your current target from the instance group.
→→→→→ /eject left - Eject left-side passenger, when on a multi-unit mount.
→→→→→ /eject right - Eject right-side passenger, when on a multi-unit mount.
→→→→→ /eject both - Eject both passengers, when on a multi-unit mount.
→→→→→ /sc - To show your cloak.
→→→→→ /hc - To Hide your cloak.
→→→→→ /sh - To show your helm.
→→→→→ /hh - To Hide your helm.
→→→→→ /ver - To announce the current version information.
→→→→→ /fat - to hear the current Fatigue warning sound.
→→→→→ /silence - to hear the current Enemy Spell Interrupted sound.

Are you reporting a bug? Post a comment and please include:
√ Version number
► √ Check the .toc file if you're not sure!
√ WoW build number and language
► √ Check the login screen if you're not sure!
√ What seems to be the problem?
√ What steps can I follow to reproduce the problem?
√ Does the problem happen when all other addons are disabled?
√ Can you post a screenshot if it is a visual bug or issue you are reporting.
√ Do you have BugSack or Swatter installed? if not, do you have Display Lua Errors turned on?
√ Text of the first related error message. (if any)
► √ Please do not include lists of local variables or installed addons, if you wouldn't mind, Just the first 4-6 lines of the error message!

19342.01.02.15: Added cfg.cFont that will allow you to change the size of auto set up font size for the Main Chat Window.
19342.12.19.14: Updated a few behind the scenes items, adjusted the placement of the brackets for the chat input box, corrected a minor issue with the Tabs not correctly fading like they should.
19116.11.06.14: Initial stand alone release.
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Unread 01-06-15, 11:41 AM  
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changing font size

on the main chat window it keeps defaulting to size 20 so i looked at the chatbox.lua file and saw it was codded in there but when i tried to change and resave it it came up with a char code error so i saved it in utf 8 which was only way i could make a change in it and save it now i get this error:

1x ConflictChat\chatBox.lua:1: unexpected symbol near 'g


any help would be appreciated thank you message me if you want me to upload a copy of the modded lua to see what im talking about. i used eclipse lua editor
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