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Updated: 08-26-14 01:51 PM
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Updated:08-26-14 01:51 PM
Created:02-03-13 03:20 AM
Categories:Character Advancement, Outdated Mods
Quest Complete (outdated mods)
Version: 0.0
by: Belhatite [More]
no longer supported
5.2.0 Corrected an issue where multiple Quests were offered, or able to be turned in, where the user would have to hold the modifier key in order to turn in the second (or lower) quest because the first quest was not yet completed. Updated for WoW version 5.2

Build 520 b3: Adjusted quest accept and quest complete coding to make it more intuitive, and slightly faster with less CPU usage.

Build 16992: Changed number system, updated for WoW 5.3 Build 16992.

Build 18414: Updated for WoW 5.4.8 Build 18414

Build 18414b: Reconfigured the layout, modified a few settings, adjusted the thresholds to allow for less memory usage. Removed the message users see when they log in or reload their UI.
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