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Escalation (5.3)
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Mists of Pandaria (5.0.4)
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ShoutOut - Critical Spell Announcer
Version: 16992
by: Belhatite [More]
Critical Spell Announcer v: 5.2

ShoutOut was designed to make work of announcing critical spell information to the correct channels. There system is designed with multiple redundancies. You can type /so or use the in-game interface console to configure the chat output for this add-on. You can choose to announce to just your chat window, Middle of the Screen (like a raid warning), party, or raid chat. The system will check and verify your options, and display the message properly.

For instance, if you have the add-on set to announce in Raid chat, and you are not in a raid it will announce it silently to only you in the chat window. If you are in a raid group such as a LFR raid it will announce to the Instance Group Raid chat. If you are in a normal raid group it will announce to regular raid chat. The same is true for the party chat, 5 man groups have their messages sent to party chat, were as Random Dungeons and Scenarios will announce to instance chat.

If the instant cast spell fails, do to out of range, or out of line of sight issues or the like, this add-on will also announce that and what caused the spell to fail.

This add-on is in "now in Release phase", but may still require some tweaks as to what spells are tracked. If you have any suggestions for spells to be added to those tracked and announced please leave a comment, so that they can be tested and considered for implementation into a future release. Please note as I do have several 85+ toons, I do not have one of each at 90 yet, and thus may not be able to test all spell choices before they are added to future releases.
5.2.0 - Release Version, added several more spells, as well as racial abilities. Modified code to allow for less cpu usage. Adjusted the output options removing some, while correcting those remaining.

Build 16992: Updated for WoW 5.3 Build 16992. Modified some code to increase efficiency, as well as changed the Release Version numbering of this add-on to match that of my other add-on styles.
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Update coming soon

I am presently working on doing some recoding to allow for different messages to be used depending on the type of spell used, as well as to allow for other types of buffs such as food being placed out in a group or raid setting, or a soulwell being placed, or a repair mount, things of that nature. Look for an update to be posted in the next week or so as I work out some variables and modifications to the coding.
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