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Updated: 09-28-14 08:49 PM
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Updated:09-28-14 08:49 PM
Created:03-05-13 05:26 AM
Categories:Action Bar Mods, Outdated Mods
MaximumAction (no longer supported)
Version: 0.0
by: Belhatite [More]
no longer supported - out of date addon
Build 520 a1: Corrected issues with placement of the Extra Action Button, and the 1 Right Bar.

Build 520 b: Corrected a minor memory leak issue which was causing excess CPU usage beyond the allotted amount. CPU usage is once again stable and back down to just 14.2kb

Build 16862: Changed the layout and scale of the default settings should assist those with larger screen sizes as well as those with some smaller screen resolutions. Adjusted the default placement of several of the action bar settings, no longer hides the blizzard quest tracking window though the option to hide it is still in place. As usual no in game modifications enabled this is meant to be a plug and play add-on.

[u]Build 18414:v Updated for WoW 5.4.8 Build 18414

Build 18414c: Performed a virtual re-write, in essence just moved things into sub-categories, and made it so that the user can more easily modify settings in the config.lua file. Once again this AddOn is not meant to have a heavily coded user options interface. This is designed for a set up and go mentality. This is pre-set in 1080p (1920x1080 screen resolution) and may require some changes to be made in config.lua file for different screen resolutions.
I have taken the advise of several users and relocated the bags (now attached to the bottom of the Minimap) as well as relocated the micro menu (centered at the top of the screen). Also removed/replaced all of the useless standard textures, with custom images. Moving forward updates should come much more readily with limited to no interference with other AddOns at all.

Build 18414d: Added more settings for making the Right Actionbar 2 appear either on the 'Left' or 'Right' of the screen.

Build 18414f: Added the ability to relocate and re-scale the micro menu bar, stance bar, and bag bar. Also added the ability to fade the bag bar, as well as have it only show one bag or all bags on the bar.

Build 18414.9.26.2014: Changes the release Version format. Will now use the Current wow build number followed by the Formal reconfiguration of the AddOn, simplified as much as possible in order to offer Users what they need, as well as what they want. Added a few small graphical aspects to the new layout as well. Will be expanding more as I work on MaxUI. Added a configuration to hide the OneBag button, as well as hide the MicroMenu from the screen. Corrected an issue with bars moving out of place when enter/exit a vehicle. Corrected an issue with the Extra Action Button as well.

Build 18414.9.28.2014:Fixed an issue with some debug messages that accidentally didn't get turned off in the 9.26.14 release.
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