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Trah UI

Version: 2.0
by: Traherne [More]

*********NOTE: No longer using Chinese DBM. Reverted to DBM.


Just a UI I added because people asked me for it from my stream. It's nothing complicated and it's nothing fancy. Simple and sweet. Built for a warlock.

If you don't like the double castbar disable it. (Quartz) Or disable blizzard and move quartz.

I have TONS of weakauras. The warlock ones are very useful. My Weakauras are organized and are READY FOR THRONE OF THUNDER. They will be EXTREMELY helpful for you.

PLEASE message me on twitch.tv/traherne if you have any issues. Will be updating this with more information and making this cleaner.


ActionBarSaver - /abs save nameofprofile or /abs load nameofprofile to save your action bars for specs

Bartender4 - Custom bars addon

ButtonFacade - Pretty buttons

DBM (deadly boss mods) - Used for raiding, tells you essential mechanics with timers.

GladiusEX Arena Frames

Gladiatorlosa Announces what cool downs are being used by the opponent team.

Masque - Pretty Buttons

Omen - Threat Meter

OmniCC - "adds text to items, spell and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will be ready"

Quartz - Custom cast bar *Can remove it or position differently as I use two cast bars.

SexyMap - Pretty map

Skada - Damage meter

Stratafix - Prevents errors from not allowing you to click things. VERY HELPFUL

TidyPlates - Custom name plates

TipTac - Tooltip enhancement addon

TomTom - Coords

WeakAuras - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/weakauras (if you dont know what it is go here and read)


2.0 Preupdate for WoD. ALL ADDONS UP TO DATE.

1.1 - Organized all weakauras added the addon: Stratafix.

1.04 - Updated for 5.3

1.03 - Removed the following addons: Dreadspray VR, Recount, and Reforge Lite. Added addons: Skada. Updated Weakauras to include some for every boss. I cannot stress enough to be careful with my weakauras as they make loud and annoying sounds at times. This is the one thing you should go through.

1.02 - Just cleaned up addons more and added information on weakauras and quartz in notepad. Added list of all addons in the pack as well.

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