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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Modified Modifier (ModMod)
Version: 1.0.3
by: Gello [More]
This addon allows a key (or mouse button) to be bound for use as a fourth "modifier" key for key binding purposes.

For example, if you bind BUTTON5 to be your modifier key (ModMod Key), then bind ModMod+Q to ActionButton 7, then BUTTON5+Q will perform Action Button 7.

__ New in 1.0.3 __
  • toc update for 5.4 patch

__ How to use __
  • In the default key binding interface near the end is a new binding: Modified Modifier->ModMod Key. This is where you define what your new modifier key will be.
  • Beside all actions in the key binding interface is a new column of grey buttons where you can bind keys to be used with this modifier.
  • For as long as the defined ModMod Key is down, the bindings in that new column will perform the action they're bound to.

__ Limitations __
  • This does not allow the use of the ModMod key to be used as a [mod]ifier in macros.
  • Nor does this allow the use of the ModMod key to be used for non-ModMod purposes. ie, you can't have Spacebar be your ModMod key and also continue to jump with it.
  • This does not work with actions not bound through the default key binding interface. That would be up to the addon author who created the custom key binding method.

__ Notes __
  • I recommend not using this to bind movement keys that start/stop. Releasing the modifier before the bound key will mean you won't stop because it never got the "upstroke" event.
  • While it's possible to bind ModMod+Left/Right-Click, I don't recommend it because the Turn/Steer can suffer the same issue as above. But it's harmless to experiment if you have a weird setup.
  • If you really want to bind ModMod+Left-Click, when it asks you to choose a key to bind, click elsewhere (but not a button) in the key binding interface. Left-Click on a button waiting for a bind will cancel the binding change (just like the default buttons).
  • The ESCape key can't be modified with the ModMod key, sorry.
5/21/2013, 1.0.2, toc update for 5.3
4/20/2013, 1.0.1, initial release
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Great. This will allow me to get more use out of that pesky CapsLock key
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