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ChoiceUI - Protection Paladin UI

Version: 1.2
by: Choice [More]

Updated 7/6/13: So this hasn't had the best start. UI for the last two days has been missing it's SavedVariables and thus was literally just a pack of mods with no profiles. That has since been fixed and I've added Reflux to easily load the profiles.

I guess you could say it was the UI... of Choice.

Installing The UI Itself:

Things to note:
* This UI is scaled for a 1920x1080 screen. It can be adjusted to work for a lower resolution, but doing so requires near equal work to just making your own.

* You *MUST* backup your existing folders before shifting these across. I claim no responsibility for the loss of your UI should you fail to do this.
* I have chosen to use the Interface options because I run with some recoloured icons for the paladin. Should you not want these simply delete it or only take the AddOns folder
* I suggest deleting the macro txt file listed in this and replacing it with your own.

In order to install this UI you need to do the following:

1. Backup your existing UI, copy your own Account and Interface folders from your WTF folder into a different folder. Alternatively you can rename it 'Account Original' or something of the like.

2. Go into this Account folder and rename the folders according.

- AccountName is not your battle.net email, it is your account name. This can be found from either your original Account file or on the battle.net website
- ServerName is your intended server, should you want this UI on multiple servers simply copy it and change the file name to the intended server (As an example, mine would be renamed Frostmourne)
- CharacterName is your character's name. Once again this can be copied infinitely many times. (In my case it would be called Choice)

3. Once you've editted the file names, and backed up your original Account folder, you're able to replace it with this new one.

4. Backup or rename your Interface folder.

5. Copy the AddOns folder across

You are done with the installation of this UI, hope you enjoy it.

Carrying across your Macros into the new UI:
1. Once you have the installation done, go into your backup and go into the WTF => Account => Account Name and take the file listed 'macros-cache.txt', this contains all your prior macros.
2. Delete the current macros-cache.txt file in your new UI (the one you just installed) and add your own one.
3. Once that is done, go back to your original and go into your server name and pick your character folder. There will be another macro-cache.txt file with your character specific macros in it.
4. Repeat the process as you did with your account wide macros, only placing it into the new character folder.

Carrying your Binds across:
To keep your current binds copy the bindings-cache.wtf file from inside your character file.
That is: WTF => Account => Account Name => Server Name => Character Name = bindings-cache.wtf
(This is from your original WTF folder)

Keep in mind with the bartender profile this may not be the best solution should you want to keep my bartender lay out, as you may need to rebind regardless.

Loading the UI:
1. Log into the game, ensure that you have 'enable out of date addons' selected
2. Once in game, type /reflux switch UIofCHOICE (it is case sensitive)
3. SexyMap won't load the skin, but all the settings should be in place, for the skin simply go to the SexyMap options and select 'Faded Square' under the User-Submitted Presets.

Updating TellMeWhen for your Raid's CD's:
The configuration of my TellMeWhen is currently set up for tracking CD's in a 10 man raiding environment. As such it is not always the best alternative to other Raid CD mods for 25 man raiding.
This requires a basic understanding of how TellMeWhen works, but here we go.

1. Log ingame, type /tellmewhen to unlock all the options.

2. The left hand side bars are raid CDs, the left most one are Raid CDs, the inner bar are external CDs.
3. Right click each CD, it was have it's spell already set, you need to change the name of the unit to your given player. For Example, the AM I watch for is by Qaria, if your paladin was called Bubblepop, you'd change that field to that name.
4. Repeat this process with all the CDs there, until you've covered everything.
5. Should you have a CD not listed there that you wish to add, go into the Group Settings and add another row and copy an existing CD and edit the appropriate fields.

AddOns in this pack:
HolyPowerIndicator 3.0
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
PowerAuras Classic
Sha of Fear Assist
Shadowed Unit Frames
Shadowed Unit Frames Smooth Bars

Icon reskins are from the Paladin Icon pack by Dawn.

Credit for the work in this UI goes to the authors of the various mods I've put together. This really is just a means to put their work to use.

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Havent tried out but i like the setup of it! Thanks for sharing it
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