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Updated: 01-16-14 12:10 AM
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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
Updated:01-16-14 12:10 AM
Created:06-13-13 04:42 PM
Version: 0.4-beta
by: Spyro [More]
ArenaPlates - Arena123 Numbers on Nameplates

This addon puts the ArenaID Number of arena enemies on their nameplates, for easy use of Arena1/2/3 macros since you see directly the "number" assigned to each enemy player. The number is put exactly in the same place and with the same font where the Level number is, instead of "90, 90, 90", you will see "1, 2, 3". Optionally it can also show the combat status on the nameplate (changing its color).

It has a small configuration section at the start of the Lua file, where you can enable/disable 4 options:
  • OpaqueMode: Shows the numbers always 100% opaque, for improved visibility. If false, they will inherit the nameplate opacity (50% non-target / 100% target). Disabled by default.
  • Outline: Replaces the font default shadow with an outline (looks better). If false, the number will look exactly as the default level number. Enabled by default.
  • OldSize: Makes the level font have its pre 5.4.2-patch size (Blizzard made all nameplate FontStrings smaller in this patch). Enabled by default.
  • HideNames: Hides the unitname of nameplates of arena enemy players, to make them more simple. Disabled by default.
  • CombatColoring: Changes the color of nameplates based on its combat status. Enabled by default.
It's still on beta phase, if you find any bug report it plz!
This addon is designed for Blizzard's Default UI Nameplates, it does not work with nameplate-styling addons (like TidyPlates) since they hide the default ones.
Fixed a problem with the addon not working with players from other realms. Caused by the player's nameplate name FontString having the " (*)" suffix. Solved doing the name comparison with GetUnitName() which also returns that suffix, instead of UnitName().
Added a new configuration option: OldSize. This option makes the level font have its pre 5.4.2-patch size (Blizzard has made the nameplate's FontStrings smaller on this patch).
Renamed CombatCheck option to CombatColoring.
Code improvements and cleanups.
Removed current health value comparison when trying to identify if a nameplate pertains to an unitid. I have the feel that this is what was causing some nameplates not to be identified. The comparison is now done only by name and maximum health value.
Changed the hiding method of the Blizzard's FontStrings (name and level) from Hide() to SetAlpha(0).
CombatColoring option enabled by default.
OpaqueMode option disabled by default.

TOC update for WoW 5.4.

Fixed leaking of generically named globals. Reported by Treeston of MMO-Champion.

First beta version.
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