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WangUI [1920x1080]

Version: 1.4
by: ragewang [More]

WangUI is a World of Warcraft user interface that is based on THREE main rules of mine.

1. Functionality, does it function for it purpose ?

2. Usability, crappy laptop or expensive gaming rig. This package is so light weight it will reduce your lag from all those heavy packages and losing very few features.

3. flexibility, dont like an addon ? get rid of it. Want to use a different addon in its place ? replace it.
all the addons are still individual and there fore nothing will be broken and no problems arise when your customize any part of this pack.



  • UnitFrames - big changes, from ShadowedUF to Ouf, shadowedUF has a lot of ingame config. but was Using 3-4MB of space, which is fine. but not what this package is about. Ouf is using under 1MB. just how i like it ! currently using the phanx layout of Ouf, feel free to change it the mover tool is installed ( again thank you Phanx) so any layout can be moved and scaled to how you like it.
  • Nameplates - a big change due to feedback on the forums, KuiNameplates was mentioned and it was a brilliant idea !
  • Raid frames are now the default blizzard frames, this means you get use of the blizzard raid tools and honestly, custom raid frames are pointless when the ones already in game are fantastic.
  • ONE BUTTON INSTALLATION ! WOOOOO - again thank you to the forums for that

  • significant chat changes, chatter is gone. 1MB of data usage for something i wasnt particularly pleased about wasnt working for me, replaced with 2 things. 1, BasicChatMods. 2, Cellular .
    the two combiined offer a very clean chat service, without the hassle of losing your whispers.

  • minor tweaks and issues ironed out. e.g no more incoming crits being huge on msbt lol

  • TOTAL reskin! skinner is gone! processing addon is no more, now replaced by a LOVELY skin Miirgui!
    - because this skin is all front loaded with the game, there no processing and therefore, better performance.
  • multiple addons modified to suite the new skin better
  • changes to threat plates - mainly graphical, to make it easier to see whats going on.
  • general maintainence.

  • moved loot menu
  • changed raid, boss and party frames - they now all use ShadowedUF and therefore less memory but better visually and functionaly
  • general improvements to setup, better anchor points on panels ect to help the setup process be smoother.
  • more visual feedback debuffs ect on target and player unitframes
  • added a raid marking tool - still being worked on to get 100%

place WTF and Interface folder as needed
/reflux switch WangUI

Press CTRL KEY to show actionbars.

Addon List

adibags - bag addon

Batender4 - Actionbar replacement

BasicChatMods - minor changes to the chat function to make it clean and useable

Cellular - a very nice instant messaging addon that helps organise your conversations.

Deadly Boss Mod - Raiding Timers.

KGpanels - Fantastic interface customization tool

MikScrollingBattleText - battle text

pocket plot - lightweight mini map

Reflux - allows saving of profiles

Ouf + Ouf Phanx - unitframes, extremely light weight if you dont like them, find plenty of layouts on wow interface

Skada - Threat, Damage, Healing and general information tools. debatable if its better or worse than omen and recount, but for the sake of being lightweight. its suites the purpose much more.

MiirGui + icons - skins all frames

Tipsy - moves the tooltip

xanErrorDevourer - gets rid of all the annoying error spam

KuiNameplates - Extremely awesome nameplates and very light ! but limited in-game config.

NibProfileLoader - makes Reflux installation super easy.

Known issues

Some addons will have moved slightly, skada is a pain for this and also chatter does not save the chat postion, bartender can also cause minor issues.

/skada config - unlock and enable the title you can then move the frames to better fit where they should be

just unlock and move your chat frame to fit the left box

/bt for bartender, unlock and move how you need to.
if adding extra bars and want to use the same hide/show commands, use custom conditionals from bar1

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not working

Love the look of this UI!
Fixed my problem :P
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