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Valnyrion UI

Version: 1.0
by: Nomeria [More]

So this is my current UI I'm using, offers a clear view and shows the most important things.
My Resolution is 1280x1024, but I guess this UI also works with each other Resolution, just try it.

Important: You may have to adjust some AddOns by your own, but it's not as difficult as it looks like!

Check profiles of each AddOn and use "Valny" for it, some AddOns might still need a personal fix, depends on how you want to have it (e.g. Grid)

-Gnosis (check ESC - AddOns - Settings)
-Grid (to adjust check minimap-button)
-BindPad (type /kb to set your own keybindings just by mouseover the button and typing the desired key)
-bUnitFrames (check minimap button)
-Dominos (check minimap button)
-Phanxbuffs (ESC - AddOns - Settings)
-Skada (drag the window to your desired position)

To make sure everythings in place, check all profiles and set those who are able to be set to "Valny"

I guess it's just the usual things to do:
1.Save your previous interface
2.replace your WTF and Interface-folders with the ones you just downloaded
3.Check the WTF folder, rename the given folders into your informations
4.Log in, do "Load out-of-date-AddOns"!!
5.Check profiles (Valny)
6.If it didn't work correctly, you might easily adjust it by your own ;-)!

Questions or anything similar? Contact me here :-)

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