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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
Escalation (5.3)
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Master Looter Assistant (For Mount Bosses)
Version: 2.2
by: Niketa [More]
Master Looter Assistant

Automatically sets the loot method to "Master Looter" and threshold to "Epic" (by default but this is customizable) when engaging a raid boss that drops a mount. Once the boss is killed and looted, the settings you previously had before engaging the boss will be restored.

You need to be in an instance and the leader to use this addon.

Choose your Loot Master!
You can opt to set someone else as loot master instead of yourself. Target the desired player and use the command "/mla looter" or from the interface options click the button "Set Target as Loot Master". Use "/mla clear" or the button "Clear Loot Master" to change it back to yourself. If the player is not in the raid group it will default to you. Your loot master will be saved until you clear it.

If you change any loot settings before killing a boss (after the pull) ...
* Changing the loot method to your previous method will restore your previous settings and act as if you've disabled functionality on the boss. If you wish to reset the pull instead use "/mla reset". This will not actually disable functionality, but rather override it temporarily. To disable, uncheck the boss in the options panel.
* Changing the loot method to a new setting will reset the pull. Your settings will be restored and next time you pull the boss the new settings will be saved to revert to when looting.

Supported Bosses:
* Al'Akir (Throne of the Four Winds)
* Alysrazor (Firelands)
* Attumen the Huntsman (Karazhan)
* Elegon (Mogu'shan Vaults)
* Horridon (Throne of Thunder)
* Ji'kun (Throne of Thunder)
* Kael'thas Sunstrider (Tempest Keep)
* The Lich King (Icecrown Citadel)
* Madness of Deathwing (Dragon Soul)
* Malygos (The Eye of Eternity)
* Onyxia (Onyxia's Lair)
* Ragnaros (Firelands)
* Sartharion (The Obsidian Sanctum)
* Ultraxion (Dragon Soul)
* Yogg-Saron (Ulduar)

To enable or disable functionality on specific bosses type "/mla" or "/mlassistant" and set your preferences.

Looking for Translations
I'm starting the process of localization and can use some translations. You can view what I've got so far for any corrections or any additions. Send me a message here or email me at
1/11/2014: *Untested* Fixed bug after Horridon where trash activates loot master.

9/15/2013: Updated ADDON_LOADED for new folder name to fix default settings.

9/10/2013: Upload for new patch.

9/7/2013: Fixed where I forgot to include the CMMY to be unregistered unless pulling a boss and killing it.

8/29/2013: Cleaned up the code.
8/29/2013: Changed the way bosses with trigger mobs (Yogg/Kael'thas) set and unset loot.
8/29/2013: Added Horridon to the supported bosses because derp I didn't realize it dropped a mount... don't judge me.
8/29/2013: Added the changes to the options panel for the above change.
8/29/2013: Fixed a couple small bugs (eg. related to some printed messages with lua errors).
8/29/2013: Fixed so that the addon is only active in raids, not in 5 man dungeons (while still supporting parties). Hey hey, no more spam! Sorry!
8/29/2013: Changes to overall addon file structure.
8/29/2013: Applied an untested fix for resetting loot settings on Madness of Deathwing (yeah sorry about this guys, one shot at something once a week is brutal... and I don't have time to do it more than that).
8/29/2013: Logging in or being passed raid lead mid fight should now correctly register boss pulls.
8/29/2013: Fixed where CLEU wasn't be unregistered unless you pulled a boss and it was killed... so it shouldn't waste memory for no reason.

8/17/2013: Lines that should be active to disable functionality outside of raids were commented out during testing. This has been fixed. Sorry, I didn't realize I never put them back! Hope useless spam didn't bug you.

8/15/2013: Interface options display changes.
8/15/2013: Added a button in the options to enable or disable all bosses.
8/15/2013: Added the ability to choose what loot threshold you want to switch to on the pull (uncommon, rare or epic).
8/15/2013: Added the ability to pass loot master to another player instead of yourself.
8/15/2013: Changes were made to switching the loot method or threshold before killing a boss to fix errors and more desired functionality.

8/12/2013: Ragnaros should now revert settings on normal difficulty.
8/12/2013: Begining localizations (looking for translations).
8/12/2013: Reverting settings on Deathwing is still being worked on. It may work most of the time from what I gather the problem is but I can only kill this so many times a week to try new things. Hang tight!
8/12/2013: Removed tentacle triggers on Deathwing. It should set the loot without them.
8/12/2013: Switching lead during combat requires more testing.

7/29/2013: Removed message when not group leader.
7/29/2013: Disabled functionality for arenas, pvp, scenarios and LFR.
7/29/2013: Enabled switching settings during combat if a player logs in mid-fight or is passed raid lead mid-fight.
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