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Updated: 08-18-13 08:07 AM
Addon for:
Escalation (5.3)
Updated:08-18-13 08:07 AM
Created:08-18-13 08:07 AM
!SyLevel Bagnon
Version: v1.0
by: suicidalkatt, ckaotik
Ports usability of SyLevel within the Bagnon bag and bank containers.
This does require both Bagnon and SyLevel to be enabled. If there are any issues with this addon please let me know in the comments section!

Additional thanks to ckaotik for his/her original code.

  • Add Void Storage Module
  • Add Guild Bank Module
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Unread 10-21-14, 12:08 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Got this on Patch 6.0.2

Lua Code:
  1. 5x SyLevel_Bagnon\bank-Bank.lua:24: attempt to call method 'IsBankSlot' (a nil value)
  2. SyLevel_Bagnon\bank-Bank.lua:24: in function <SyLevel_Bagnon\bank.lua:22>
  3. [C]: in function `HandleSpecificItemEvent'
  4. Bagnon\components\itemFrame.lua:81: in function `action'
  5. Bagnon\components\itemFrame.lua:50: in function <Bagnon\components\itemFrame.lua:47>
  6. [C]: in function `PickupContainerItem'
  7. FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:987: in function `ContainerFrameItemButton_OnClick'
  8. FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:891: in function `ContainerFrameItemButton_OnDrag'
  9. [string "*:OnDragStart"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnDragStart"]:1>
  10. [C]: ?
  12. Locals:
  13. (*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
  14. = <function> defined =[C]:-1
  15. = <function> defined @SyLevel_Bagnon\bank.lua:22
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Unread 12-27-13, 02:28 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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21x SyLevel_Bagnon\bank.lua:24: attempt to call method 'IsBankSlot' (a nil value)
SyLevel_Bagnon\bank.lua:24: in function <SyLevel_Bagnon\bank.lua:22>
[C]: in function `HandleSpecificItemEvent'
Bagnon\components\itemFrame.lua:81: in function `action'
Bagnon\components\itemFrame.lua:50: in function <Bagnon\components\itemFrame.lua:47>
[C]: in function `PickupContainerItem'
FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:781: in function `ContainerFrameItemButton_OnClick'
[string "*:OnClick"]:12: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>
[C]: ?

(*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
 = <function> defined =[C]:-1
 = <function> defined @SyLevel_Bagnon\bank.lua:22
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