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CsUI (1920x1080) V. 2.2

Version: 2.2 MoP
by: Slayelol [More]

Welcome to CSUI v. 2.2. This is a MASSIVE update to the UI, and its recommended that you update immediately.


- How do I load the UI?
-- Type /reflux switch CS2.2 (The capitalization DOES matter)

- How often are updates released?
-- In order for me to update the UI, there are usually a few criteria which I try to meet:
--- How long as it been since an update? (Generally I'll wait 2+ weeks)
--- How important is the update? (Is it fixing something that completely broke the UI before?)
--- Major changes / Patches / etc.

- How much memory does the UI use?
-- As of V2.1, it uses roughly ~12-14 megs of memory while idle, and ~20 or so during a raid. Skada is a huge memory hog, clear it often. Note that the screenshot of the UI has a lot of "fluff", or extra addons enabled, and you shouldn't gauge memory usage off of that. Download it and try it yourself.

- My sexymap doesn't look like yours!
-- Type /sexymap and load the global profile.

Installation Instructions:

As always, please backup your original WTF and Interface folders before continuing, on the offchance that something either goes wrong, or you decide you don't like the UI.
  • First, navigate to your WoW folder, usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft. Once inside, back up your WTF and Interface folders.
  • Next, take the WTF and Interface folders from the CsUI Folder, and move them to your WoW folder. Take your old config.wtf file from your old WTF folder, and move/copy it into the new one.
  • Inside the new WTF folder, there will be 3 folders that need to be renamed. The first one is ACCOUNTNAME, located in the "Account" folder. You can get your account name from your old WTF folder. Next, go inside of the folder you just renamed. There you will see SERVERNAME. Rename it to the server of your choice. Also, at this time, please copy your old SavedVariables and Bindings-Cache files into this folder. Once this is done, go inside of the server folder you just renamed. You will find a folder called CHARNAME. Rename this to your character.
  • Finally, log into WoW. Make sure all addons are enabled / load out of date addons is checked. Once logged in, type /reflux switch CS2.1 (Capitalization DOES matter), and the UI should look as it does in the screenshots.

To configure each addon, please visit the respective addons' page in order to find out the commands. Also note, with how new 5.4.1 is, not all addons have been updated yet, so some may not function as intended.

Addon List:

Addon Conrol Panel
BigWigs Bossmods
Ferous Media
Macro Toolkit
Shadowed Unit Frames (SUF)
Tidy Plates

Addon Memory Usage:

The UI is fairly lightweight, and should only use ~20 or so MB while idle. This is down from the ~40 MB it used in the previous version.

Known Issues:

- Sexymap is not always displaying the zone title accurately. This seems not to be a settings issue, but to be an issue within the addon itself. Will look into it and make sure its not on my end.

Other Notes:

Like the UI? Want to show your support? Feel free to help out by clicking the "favorite" button, located near the download button. Donations are also accepted from the button below, but are NOT required, and never will be.

Click here to lend your support!

Changelog V2.2

- The UI now uses less memory! Hooray! It should now use roughly 12 MB of addon memory when idle - far less than many other mods out there.
- A lot of the "fluff" addons have been removed.
- The UI has been given an even cleaner look.


Action Bars:
- Action Bars now have a Border using KGPanels.
- Action Bar skin changed to "dream", as it looks cleaner.
- Action Bar backdrop is now darker, but only slightly.
- Removed the highlighting from Action Buttons.
- The "Checked" function of the Action Buttons is now transparent.
- The stance/class bar still has "Checked" enabled, and is now bright red so you can easily see at a glance what stance you're in.

Unit Frames:
- The font on all SUF windows has been changed to Yellowjacket.
- The portrait frame on SUF is now a bit smaller, and is no longer a bar.
- Unit health percentages are now above the HP text. The player frame now has perhp enabled.
- Grid text is now capped @ 5 characters, has been changed to Arial Narrow, and has a Thick outline / is Bolded.
- Names above 10 characters are now abbreviated. Example: Garrosh Hellscream would show as G. Hellscream. This is so (hopefully) names don't get cut off with the new font.
- Exp/Rep bar has been made slightly larger. Resource bar (Mana / Energy / Rage) has also been made slightly larger. As a result, the Health bar is slightly smaller.

- The minimap has been made slightly larger.

- The Domino's bag bar is no longer enabled, as it is no longer used.
- By default, AdiBags now shows equipped bags so you can change them out. To toggle this on/off, click the bag icon next to the word Backpack.

- NiceDamage default font is now Pepsi. This can be changed by downloading any font you wish, renaming it to font.ttf, and placing it in the NiceDamage folder.

Damage Meter:
- Added custom borders for Skada.
- Healing window removed entirely.
- Background for the Title Bar is now transparent.

- Moved next to Skada in the new window pane.
- Font size for bars slightly increased now that the window is bigger.

- TipTac is now slightly larger.
- Color guild by reaction is now disabled.
- TipTac now has a border! Rejoice!
- TipTac now has a small, 0.5 second fade out time.
- TipTac will now show your targets buffs.
--- This includes a timer for the buffs.
- TipTac's background now matches the rest of the UI.

- ChocolateBar has been removed, as it is no longer needed. It was not serving any function before, so a new KGPanel Frame has been added as a replacement. This saved on a decent amount of addon memory (Roughly 2 MB or so).
- The healing window for skada has been removed entirely. Many people likely didn't know it existed, and all it was doing was adding to memory usage.

Changelog V2.1

- Omen is now hidden when not in combat
- Omen will now only show when you are in Combat as well as in a Party / Raid or have a pet
- Adibags now has filtering on by default, and free space is now merged to make the bag addon take up less screen space
- SexyMap zone text no longer has a border, is now green, and only shows on hover.
- Added FriendGroups back (Assuming its been updated for 5.4.1)
- SUF now uses the proper background color / background setting that was originally intended (Was previously still set up for the Halloween Edition of CSUI)
- Enabled cast bar for the pet frame
- The micro-menu bar has had some spacing taken away from it, and now looks cleaner.
- SexyMap has changed it s position, and is no longer sitting up in the top right corner. Its still up there, just no longer touching the edge.
- The SUF Pet Frame has moved closer to the bottom of the screen to make room for debuffs, as Bison will no longer be used.
- Bison has been removed from the UI, and SUF is now used for buffs / debuffs.
- HideBlizzard has been added to the UI
- HideBlizzard will hide the Chat Arrows, as well as the Buff/Debuff frames. It has also been set to hide Error Text.
- The minimap has been made slightly larger.
- The clock on the minimap is now hidden until hovered over.
- Cleaned up a lot of clutter in the addons folder.

Addons Removed:

- Bison
- Genie


11/02/13 - Released CsUI 2.0a.
- This is not a major release, but rather a bugfix release. The .rar file originally included with v2.0 was completely screwed up, and did not contain the correct WTF files. This build should correctly fix that. Sorry for any inconvenience, truly.
- One minor change did come in this build. AdiBags now has sorting by category enabled by default to help tidy things up a bit. This can be disabled with /Adibags
11/01/13 - Released CsUI 2.0.
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Originally Posted by theeone
Reflux is not switching it , i have in the middle of my screen mail,fps,mb,armor,and bag listings and dont know what the addon is to move it any help with this?
I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm about to release a major update for the UI though, so we'll see if that fixes the issue. A few things were included in this release (again) that weren't intentional and caused some errors. Look for CsUI V2.1 soon (TM).
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Reflux is not switching it , i have in the middle of my screen mail,fps,mb,armor,and bag listings and dont know what the addon is to move it any help with this?
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Originally Posted by amnix
Really good looking addon!
Thanks, I appreciate the comment . A lot of hard work went into the UI, and I'm continuing to put more and more work into it.
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Really good looking addon!
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