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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Heafstaag's Minimalistic UI
Version: 1.5.2
by: Heafstaag [More]
Minimalistic UI up do date with 5.4!
Works with every class - Healer Profile = Minimalistic - Tank / DPS = Just clean

What to do
1. Download the UI
2. You can copy and paste the files inside over to your own and change the names, but i recommend doing this instead:

  • Take the addons over to your own folder
  • Move the "Savedvariables" over to your own "Savedvariables" folder, this will give you my setup and not just the addons.
  • take all the macros and keybinds (if you want them) and character Savedvariables over to you own ones (according to class, all are healer classes)
  • Remember to load the correct profiles when you are ingame, if not the UI will probably load as a basic ElvUI, Bigwigs etc.
Remember to keep your own files just in case you do not like the UI or wish to switch back to your own.
This UI pack no longer contain ElvUI and the other ElvUI Plugins, instructions on how to get them are further down.


Main addons

Minor addons

Elv Plugins
ElvUI Transparent Actionbar Backdrop
Shadow & Light

How to get and update ElvUI and ElvUI Plugins
For ElvUI and all the Elv Plugins please visit and download their Windows Client so you can easily download all the Tukui (ElvUI) oriented addons and also update them with this windows client.
The rest of the addons are easily update-able with Curse Client

All my Weakauras strings can be found here
I update this very often, so if you see something different on my stream, you can most likely get the new ones from here.
Make sure the imports are working before you do anything with your own WA ingame.

How to contact me
The best possible way to contact me would be on, I usually check this several times a day. Other then that I can be contacted from my Facebook and Twitter page. I do not use these as much, but I should be able to answer withing the day from there.
The last possible way to contact me, and probably the worst is from Youtube, I rarely check this but it is probably worth a shot if I do not answer you from any of the other links.

Major changes
There are now 2 ElvUI profiles and Weakauras (own folder) set for the specific Profile. "Healme SlimMode" + "WA no actionbars" and "Healme Sonie Style" + "WA actionbars"
Actionbars are moved to the left side, opacity on the bars are lower then 50%. Masque is added to the addon pack, disable if you want. Not very important. (Masque removed with 1.3.4 update)
I have removed most of my Weakauras and am now using ElvUI actionbar for Cooldowns and WA for Buff tracker (like in 1.3) as shown on the second pic (Trackers are located at the same position as the old WA icons - Less memory usage, same thing -. Might switch back to ElvUI icons, depending on if I like the aurabars or not. DPS Profile is also updated.
Made it more clean, more information in the Change Log Working on minor changes, they will be released in the new version - 1.5.2 - when the changes are big enough to be worth adding in the UI pack
Check "Change Log" for more information about each update

I have been having high ms problems / Latency problems. If any other people have the same issue after downloading my UI and maybe figure out what addon it is causing the issue. Please let me know.
Thank you.
Minor changes to Weakaura - adding some minor ones and changing some I already had.

I added another file and ElvUI profile into the download, this is mainly so people can choose from having the raid frames in the middle or to the right. the different WA setups are set as 2 different savedvariables in their own folder, to make sure that the WA do not take up to much space.
Actionbar 1 should be showing whenever you are in a vehicle with the new profile. If not, type in "[vehicleui] show; hide" in the Visibility State

Raid frames in the middle = Smaller WA icons, same WA.
Raid frame to the side = just like before.
Actionbars are moved to the left side, opacity being around 50%, maybe 35%. The 2 remaining bars are hidden above, so you can still move things a lot easier if needed. Masque Caith is the main different, addon wise. It can easily be disabled if you enjoy the ElvUI skin (If you use it, remember to remove the Weakara skin in the ElvUI settings, Elv skins overwrites other addons).
Changed the Weakauras, adding a few procs to the MW Monk WA, changing how the Priest ones look, making them "better" visually. Making the setup more clean so to say.

The UI pack seemed to be missing the ElvUI savedvariables so you were unable to get my profiles, you will still have to download ElvUI + plugins from the appropriate website but you will now get my profiles aswell with this minor update.
NEEDED UPDATE - if using 1.3
Added a Dual profile, for DPS. meaning. Whenever you change spec, you also change profile for ElvUI. A Weakaura pack for Boomkin, ele and Spriest is added. WIM and Masque are removed (if you want these, keep the appropriate folders / files (savedvariables and addon) A picutre displaying the DPS Profile is now added. Minor Weakaura changes, hard to update this as I almost update / change them every day.
If you want a DPS profile, this would be a needed update.
Cooldown Weakauras are removed and I am now using ElvUI actionbars for it instead. Bartender can be used in a similar way if wanted (have to dowload that addon yourself). WA now used is for Buff trackers, just like in 1.3.4.
Decided to use Actionbars because of the memory WA took, if something happened with them I had no way of importing them (as my strings were broken - the major ones), had backups but I frequently change the WA,so it was a lot of stress copy pasting the savedvariables all the time. Easier to see GCD with actionbars and makes it easier to keep - space wise on harddrive and moving, saving etc.
Removed most of the unnecessary addons such as Postal, Auctionator, Atlasloot, Trade Forwarder and such. Added a few new addons I am using, Masque is for RSA, the normal skin for RSA is pretty damn ugly!
Not needed - Minor changes -
Made my Buff timers more clean, so it grows downwards instead of to the left - Its a dynamic group now- and added Hermes, so I can easily track different CDs and place them in groups instead of a single line like BL_Cooldown. Picture will or should already be added. PVP Profile on ElvUI is also added. This is not finished and I am still playing around with it. So it's kinda new, any productive comments are appreciated.
Not needed - Minor changes -
Picture number 3.
Made it a bit more clean, removing chat cover, hiding bars, changing buff and debuff display on the unitframes and the unitframes themselves. Hermes is changed to only Display when the spell is on CD, only Mana CDs and DMG reduction CDs are enabled atm, but groups for Healing CDs, Tank CDs are also made and placed. To come to Weakaura setting and ElvUI settings you will now have to type /wa and /Elvui unless you want to enable the minimap Datatext / remove the ones I have under Skada with something else. If wanted you can also remove the current background on Skada and make it transparent from the ElvUI settings - ElvUI Add0nSkins - Embedd Settings - Uncheck "Skada Backdrop"
1.5.2 (1.6)
version 1.5.2 (1.6) is a more dark but still as minimalistic as possible version of my UI. The main changes is the black theme instead of pixel perfect. So this is mainly a change in the coloring of ElvUI which makes the borders darker and more visible. The chat overlay can easily be removed by going into ElvUI - Chat - Panel Backdrop = Hide Both. If you liked the transparent chat more.
What this skin does is simply give the WA icons, actionbars and raidframes a darker border and make everything about Elv darker then usual. This also affect how everything is placed. you need to move things, change the size of your unitframes etc. and that is what I have done with the 1.5.2 (1.6)
Picture added soon
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Originally Posted by BTMark
I can't for the life of me get this to install correctly. I've tried both manually renaming the files/folders in WTF and also dragging and dropping. Is there something major I'm missing? ElvUI just toggles an install when I log in and it looks like a basic ElvUI.
Install the UI. Copy over the addons over to your own addon folder and copy the savedvariables over to your own savedvariable folder. Go to and download the ElvUI addons. Make sure you load the correct Profiles - on ElvUI and every other addon. Go for Healme / DPS and if there is none of that go for Default.
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I can't for the life of me get this to install correctly. I've tried both manually renaming the files/folders in WTF and also dragging and dropping. Is there something major I'm missing? ElvUI just toggles an install when I log in and it looks like a basic ElvUI.
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