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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Karastrasza's UI

Version: 1.01
by: Karastrasza [More]

Optimized for 1920x1200 resolutions

I made this UI to suit my needs in competitive 25-heroic progression raid healing. It offers a tidy, intuitive setup that is highly adaptable to any situation or role. This UI is the result of years of meticulously assimilating what I personally deemed the best features of the best custom UIs into my own bespoke setup, guided always by the simple question of, “Does it help me play better?”

Watch my UI in action on my livestream at

I won't spam you with a donate button just for clicking to download my interface pack, but if you like playing with my UI, please consider making a donation via my twitch channel. ❤

Examples of special features

- Things like scrolling text, dps/hps meters, extra buttons, etc. are near the screen edge where they won't hinder your environmental awareness during combat.
- Important stuff like short-buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, boss timers, and energy are central and clearly displayed.
- Interface pack includes top-performing addons like Stuf, Vuhdo, Raven, and Gnosis.
- Chat frame is on a very short fade so it stays tidy and comprehensible.
- A sleek, minimalist gray/pink aesthetic (you can easily change colors).

How to setup

Locate the WTF folder in your World of Warcraft directory. Open the WTF folder to find a list of your accounts. Within your account's folder is a list of server folders, each containing individual character folders. Backup the folder of a character whose user interface settings you would like to keep, naming it something like MyCharacter_Copy.

Then, copy the contents of my addon pack’s WTF folder into your own WTF folder, and rename the folder RealmName to your server name – within that folder, rename the folder YourCharName to your character’s name. Lastly, copy the contents of my Addons folder into your own Addons folder, and make sure in-game that you enable out-of-date addons.

Most things should set themselves up automatically. Profile-based addons like Dominos or Raven may require you to select Karastrasza – Windrunner or Druid for the active profile in order to work.

Disclaimer: I neither own nor developed any of the addons included, a full list of which is pictured above. I claim no rights to their work and I thank the respective authors of each for making such great tools, as their work enabled me to create a custom UI that I really enjoy.

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Hey, great UI. Had a few problems with changing the colors, but I figured it out in the end.
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