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Updated: 11-25-13 06:08 AM
Updated:11-25-13 06:08 AM
Created:11-25-13 06:08 AM

NoTaint UIPanelTemplates

Version: 1.0
by: another [More]

Standard PanelTemplates global functions using protected frames and causing taints when used by third-party addons. But it is possible to avoid taints by using same functionality with that library.
Library checked more than year inside of TinyExtraBars without any taints from panels.

What is it

Library is standard code from Blizzard's files UIPanelTemplates.lua with functions renamed to:

  • "Lib_" added at the start
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_Tab_OnClick
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_SetTab
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_GetSelectedTab
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_UpdateTabs
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_GetTabWidth
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_TabResize
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_SetNumTabs
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_DisableTab
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_EnableTab
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_DeselectTab
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_SelectTab
  • Lib_PanelTemplates_SetDisabledTabState
How to use it
  • Add it to your toc.
  • Like ordinal code for UIPanelTemplates with "Lib_" instead.

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