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Krogie's UI

Version: 5.4
by: Grommie [More]

Looking for something to satisfy your needs?
This UI is the one for you, being both very sleek, as well as proper functioning.

Addons List:
- ElvUI - Core of the setup
- Weak Auras - Use to provide Boss/Class button, ICD, GCD trackers
- ReforgeLite - Auto Reforge addon, it does all the work for you!
- Skada - In-Game damage meter
- VEM - just like DBM, however this announces to you in game (play with game sound)

As you can see, hardly any addons, as well as memory usage. This specific setup is based around any type of Warrior DPS being Arms, or Fury... However, the only reason I say this is because of the WeakAuras that come with the addon pack. If you enjoy this I encourage you to please download, and give it a shot!

Thanks, & have a good day...

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