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Updated: 02-04-14 10:33 PM
Updated:02-04-14 10:33 PM
Created:02-04-14 10:33 PM


Version: 1
by: twickstr [More]

Replacement sound for Water Elementals.

Gives it a softer and more tame sound.

This Addon only changes the sound of the Water Elemental while he is active (not the casting sound).

Extract the Sound Folder to:

X:\"Your WoW Folder"\Data\
-> Just put the Sound Folder in the DATA Folder)
-> If a "Sound" Folder already exists then Merge these Folders.

it must look like this:
"Word of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\WaterElemental\WaterElementalLoop.ogg"

To Remove just Delete the WaterElemental folder, and it will restore the Original sound for the Water Elemental.

This is only a sound mod, it will not damage your game files.

Enjoy your new H20 Elemental

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