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Updated:02-20-14 10:15 PM
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Ern's Suicide Kings

Version: ESK 5.4f
by: Ern [More]

Ern’s Suicide Kings is loot distribution tool created by me, Ern, around, as you may have guessed it, the Suicide Kings method.

The original goal for this project was to create a tool that allowed for multiple lists, ease of use, and means to distribute loot without requiring the add-on to be installed for all raiders!


  • Cross-Realm compatible! Players no longer need to be in a guild for this add-on to function.
  • With that, though, minimal list syncing is needed.
  • Add-on is not required to bid! Raiders will bid via Raid chat.
  • Though, the Loot-Master is required to possess this add-on at the very least!
  • Absent Mode available!
  • This can be easily toggled on or off. When turned on, absent players will be ignored when other players get moved on any list.
  • Create as many lists as needed with custom names.
  • Custom lists also means custom players per list.
  • Designate player Alts!

  • /esk – Opens up Ern’s Suicide Kings. Also available via mini-map button.
  • Only Loot-Masters can send List Syncing data.
  • Any player can be added to any list.
  • Main Tab – Displays current lists and players as well as their current positioning and status.
  • Options Tab – Where lists and players can be added to the tool and also removed.
  • Loot Tab – Where Loot-Masters, will be taken automatically to distribute loot.

Need another feature? Let me know! Otherwise, if there are any questions, comments, concerns, or bugs, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at

Thanks so much!

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