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Fael UI

Version: v1.0
by: Fael [More]

Fael UI consists of Default Ui Scripts (from the ArenaJunkies Default Ui Thread), Juked(F2P Version), SpellNotifications (Veev's addon), ResourcesOnTop (by Spyro). This Ui is ideal for PvP, specifically Arenas.

1.Make a backup of your original Interface folder and WTF folder just in case you don't end of liking it.
2.Download FaelUi, and extract its files.
3.Place the files into your D:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns Folder.

What it does
-Stacks 3 action bars on top of each other on the bottom center of the Screen. (Mainmenu, bottomleft, and bottomright action bars.
-Hides Micromenu and Bagbar, and shows on mouseover.
-Shows Classcolors behind names in Unitframes.
-Hides Macro text on Actionbars.
-Moved Arena Frames and include Trinket CD tracker.
-Moves Resources such as Shaman Totem, Druid Eclipse bar on top of Unit frame. (Provided by Spyro's addon, ResourcesOnTop. Enable this if you like to stack your unit frames like mine as shown in the screenshot provided, otherwise disable).
-Juked version for F2P.

For those with pets, use this macro

/run PetFrame:ClearAllPoints(); 
/run PetFrame:SetPoint("CENTER", uiparent, "CENTER", x, y);
/run PetFrame.SetPoint = function() end
X and Y are the screen points, configure and play around with it to your liking.

To show your Raid Frame on the bottom ALWAYS
/run LoadAddOn("Blizzard_CompactRaidFrames") CRFSort_Group=function(t1, t2) if UnitIsUnit(t1,"player") then return false elseif UnitIsUnit(t2,"player") then return true else return t1 < t2 end end CompactRaidFrameContainer.flowSortFunc=CRFSort_Group
Make sure you sort your Raid Frames by Group, otherwise this will Fael to work. Credit goes out to Cdew for providing this script.

To show extra debuffs to the LEFT side of Raid Frames (Mainly for Arena)
1st Macro
/run CBT="CompactDebuffTemplate";function mb(ff3) for p=7,12 do ff3.debuffFrames[p]:ClearAllPoints();ff3.debuffFrames[p]:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", ff3.debuffFrames[p-3], "TOPRIGHT", 0, 0) end end;

2nd Macro
/run function CBF(pr,i) bf=CreateFrame("Button",pr:GetName().."Debuff"..i,pr,CBT);bf.baseSize=22;end;function mv(u) mb(u);for k=4,6 do f2=u.debuffFrames[k];f2:ClearAllPoints();f2:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", u.debuffFrames[1], "TOPRIGHT", -(22*(k-3)), 0) end end

3rd Macro
/run function mv3(t) CompactUnitFrame_SetMaxDebuffs(t,12); if(not t.debuffFrames[4]) then for j=4,12 do CBF(t,j) end end mv(t) end;hooksecurefunc("CompactUnitFrame_UpdateDebuffs",function(f) mv3(f) end);
Must be Ran in the correct order for it to work. Credit goes out to Cdew for sharing these scripts.

Known Bugs
Bottom Right and Left actionbars sometimes appear in the bottom right of the screen. Change your mainbar to a different set and it will be placed in the correct position.

Still to Add
DR Tracker for arena frames.

For those that want to get rid of the Class Icons feature
Open the FaelUI .lua file in D:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\FaelUI.
Use the search function (Ctrl-F) and type in "Class Icons" and press enter.
It should highlight the "---- Class Icons -----" Line. Highlight this all the way down up until the " end) " part of that section, and delete it. Now save and reload ui. You no longer have this feature anymore.

Recommended Addons
F2paddon (For those F2P Players)

This was all stitched together from bits and pieces from Default Ui Scripts Thread from AJ, and Spyro.
Would like to thank AJ, Spyro, Veev, Yde, yLeaf, and Ezzpify. And a BIG THANK YOU to Woundman, he's the man. Thank you all, and hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback in the comments for any questions or concerns.

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