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Tinted Glass

Version: 1.0
by: Lemontang [More]

Clean and Crisp. Everything in its right place.

Built specifically for my Hunter but would adapt well to any DPS class with minor tweaks.
Optimised for 1920 x 1200 screen resolution.
Viewport artwork by me.

Compiled from existing addons and all credit should go to their respective authors.

Addons used:
- Bagnon
- Bartender4
- Castbars
- Chinchilla Minimap
- Elkano's Buffbar
- Error Filter
- MapCoords
- Masque
- Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
- Minimap Button Frame
- Monkey Clock
- MoveAnything
- OmniCC
- Pitbull4
- Prat 3.0
- Quartz
- Skada
- Sunn Viewport Art
- Tidy Plates
- Tiptac
- WeakAuras

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A Kobold Labourer

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Help Please

Ok, so I am entirely new to setting up an entire UI compilation downloaded from somewhere else. I am having trouble getting all of the addons to look the way you have them. I successfully copied the Font, Interface, and WTF folders in to my WoW directory, changed all of the WTF information to my account name, server, and character...but when I log in, it's all a big jumbled mess. Also, when I am on my character select screen, if I click which addons to load, not all of them are selected by default...do I need to load all of them or are some disabled for a reason?

Any instruction whatsoever would be awesome...I really like this UI, and would like to get it up and running!
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