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PowerInterface (Outdated)

Version: WoD-B Rev 7
by: Backstabi [More]

This is the Warlords of Draenor version. If you'd like the Mists of Pandaria version, please go to http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info22879-PowerInterface.html

LOOKING FOR TRANSLATORS! If you can, please e-mail me your localizations at [email protected] Thank you!

A low-memory default UI modification.

in-game commands: /pui or /powerui

  • player/target/focus/arena x, y
- Sets the frame to x, y ordered pair
  • lock
- Locks the frames to their current positioning (for frame dragging)
  • defaults
- Sets frames to the PowerInterface defaults
  • hidemacro
- Hide/show macro text on keybinds
  • showclass
- Hide/show class icons or portraits on frames

What it does:
- Moves Player, Target, Focus, and Arena frames to more useful positions. Arena frames are scaled up slightly.
- Class icon portrait and colored name frame.
- Moves actionbars to more efficient locations.
- Auto-vendors grey items from inventory.
- Tracks trinket use in arenas.
- Improved chat frame text.
- Mini-map +/- buttons removed; now scrollable with the mousewheel.

- Provides a low-memory alternative to common addons.

What it doesn't do:
- Create additional actionbars beyond the standard 5.
- Increase load times. At all. This thing is ᵗᶦᶰʸ.

Recommended addons for additional functionality:
- OmniCC by Tuller and Jaliborc
- Interrupt Bar by Kollectiv and Korruna
- LoseControl by Kouri

9/5/2014 -- I CHANGED STUFF. idk.

7/30/2014 -- PowerInterface_WoD_r5 // PowerInterface_MoP_r31

+ Lots of frame fixes
+ /pui lock command added

7/18/2014 -- PowerInterface_5.4_r27

+ New version format
+ Improved arena UI
+ Fixed MultiActionButton in Strand of the Ancients

-- Work on WoD Beta version begins.

6/10/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.4.2

+ Fixed some bugs with OverrideActionBar (Vehicle UI)
+ CastBar fixed

6/9/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.4.1

+ Modified actionbar placement. Again.

6/9/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.4

+ Placement of actionbars modified to better fit multiple resolutions.
+ Fixed exit vehicle button.
+ Cast bar issues fixed(?).
+ Potentially fixed issues with Vehicle UI.

6/8/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.3

+ Fixed positioning of ExtraActionButton1.
+ Optional Fonts folder included.

6/6/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.1

+ Negative values for slash commands fixed.

6/6/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.0

+ Slash commands for modifying lock positions of Player, Target, and Focus frames added.

6/4/2014 -- PowerInterface_v1.0

+ Consolidated code; removed redundant code
+ Commented sections for easy modification/removal

-- Automatic creation of Raid Frame Profiles not possible. =(

6/4/2014 -- PowerInt_v0.2.2_BETA

+ Improved arena frame addon detection. Default arena frames should no longer appear when using such addons.
+ Castbar disappearing bug fixed.
+ Candidate for release

6/2/2014 -- PowerInt_v0.2.1_BETA

+ Moved CastBarFrame up slightly to avoid overlap with StanceBarFrame.

- Temporarily disabled spellsteal effects
- CastBarFrame sometimes disappears for no reason?

-- Next update should fix spellsteal border
-- 1.0_Release will have RaidFrame profiles

6/2/2014 -- PowerInt_v0.2_BETA

+ Cleaned up code for bars
+ Added code for StanceBarFrame

6/2/2014 -- PowerInt_v0.1_BETA

+ Initial beta release
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Originally Posted by Langepac
that for an addon that adds a percentage of their health?
Erm... not sure what you're asking.

You can turn on showing percent health and numerical values through the interface options under the Status Text tab. (Esc > Interface > Status Text > Look at the dropdown menu there. Change it to "Both".)

With Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard changed the way it looks, so that's why you might be a bit confused.
Author of PowerInterface, the low-memory default UI replacement.
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that for an addon that adds a percentage of their health?
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