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Warlords of Draenor (6.0)
Updated:08-16-14 10:56 PM
Created:07-27-14 01:50 PM
TellMeWhen (WoD only)
Version: 7.1.0
by: Cybeloras [More]
TellMeWhen updated for Warlords of Draenor.

This will refuse to load if you attempt to load it up on live servers, so don't do it.
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Originally Posted by Kadrek
Any response on this? Abandoned?
This is a relatively "old" alpha build of the add-on, 7.0.2-121. Current alpha build is 7.0.2-158, the seventh after the one published in this site.

You can find the latest version here:
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Unread 09-09-14, 10:52 AM  
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Any response on this? Abandoned?
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Unread 09-03-14, 09:41 PM  
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As of the latest build, 18816, TellMeWhen config is inaccessible. I'm assuming it has something to do with this:
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Unread 08-23-14, 08:08 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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errors and question about group controls

when ever i load it has no text on my bars when i do /tmw and do it agian i get text back so not a big deal unless i load into combat.

only log file i can remember is frameXML (its been a while since ive had to look at UI errors) if you could help me remember the other files i can get you more errors

8/23 19:50:09.553 Loading add-on TellMeWhen
8/23 19:50:09.553 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\TellMeWhen.toc
8/23 19:50:09.553 (null)
8/23 19:54:05.920 Loading add-on TellMeWhen_Options
8/23 19:54:05.920 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen_Options\TellMeWhen_Options.toc
8/23 19:54:05.920 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Options\includes.xml
8/23 19:54:05.920 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Components\includes.config.xml
8/23 19:54:05.920 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Components\EventHandlers\includes.config.xml
8/23 19:54:05.920 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Components\EventHandlers\Sound\includes.config.xml
8/23 19:54:05.920 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Components\EventHandlers\Sound\Config.xml
8/23 19:54:05.920 TellMeWhen_IconEditorEventsSoundSoundListNoneName: Couldn't find relative frame: $parentPlay

ALSO i was wondering if there is a way to sync settings in group as of right now my setup time is really long as i go into each icon settings and edit the way the bars function one by one, if this isn't a feature i highly recommend it as i wouldn't know why some one would want bars acting different in the same group, i make separate groups for each behavior style i want.
thank you for this great addon!!!!
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Unread 08-19-14, 11:36 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Multiple Errors on WoD beta (using version 7.1.0)
1x AceLocale-3.0-6: TellMeWhen: Missing entry for "ICONMENU_LIGHTWELL"
IconTypes\IconType_lightwell\lightwell.lua:29: in main chunk

1x TellMeWhen-7.0.2-121-ge3ac712\Localization\StaticFormats.lua:23: bad argument #1 to "format" (string expected, got no value)
<in C code>
TellMeWhen-7.0.2-121-ge3ac712\Localization\StaticFormats.lua:23: in main chunk

L = <table> {
 CLEU_ = "Any event"
 Feared = "Fear"
 CLEU_SOURCEUNITS_DESC = "Choose the source units that you would like the icon to react to, |cff7fffffOR|r leave this blank to let the icon react to any event source."
 IMPORT_EXPORT_DESC_INLINE = "Import and Export profiles, groups, icons to or from strings, other players, other profiles, or a backup of your settings."
 SOUND_EVENT_ONSPELL = "On Spell Changed"
 ICONMENU_INVERTTIMER = "Invert shading"
 PRESENCE = "Presence"
 INCHEALS = "Unit Incoming heals"
 UIPANEL_FONT_JUSTIFYV_DESC = "Set the vertical justification (Top/Center/Bottom) for this text display."
 IMPORT_LUA_DESC2 = "|TInterface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Textures\Alert:0:2|t Be sure to review the parts of the code in red, which are common words/phrases that could indicate malicious activity. |TInterface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Textures\Alert:0:2|t"
 CODESNIPPET_CODE_DESC = "Set the Lua code that will be ran by this snippet when TellMeWhen is intialized."
 CONDITIONPANEL_ITEMRANGE = "Item in range of unit"
 LEFT = "Left"
 ICONMENU_ONLYMINE_DESC = "Check this option to cause this icon to only check for buffs/debuffs that you cast"
 ICONMENU_APPENDCONDT = "Add as %q condition"
 UIPANEL_TREE_DESC = "Check to allow this group to show when this talent tree is active, or uncheck to cause it to hide when it is not active."
 SUGGESTIONS = "Suggestions:"
 ICONMENU_RUNES = "Rune Cooldown"
 CNDTCAT_MISC = "Miscellaneous"
 ICONMENU_BUFFCHECK = "Buff/Debuff Check"
 ICONMENU_GHOUL = "Non-%s ghoul"
 STACKALPHA_DESC = "Set the opacity level that the icon should display at when these stack requirements fail."
 MAIN_DESC = "Contains the main options for this icon."
 EVENTS_SETTINGS_ONLYSHOWN_DESC = "Prevents the notification from being handled if the icon is not shown."
 CONDITIONPANEL_THREAT_SCALED_DESC = "This condition checks your scaled threat percentage on a unit.

100% indicates that you are tanking the unit."
 RAID_WARNING_FAKE_DESC = "Outputs a message as a raid warning, but nobody else will see it, and you do not have to be in a raid or have raid warning privelages"
 ANN_SUB_CHANNEL = "Sub section"
 CREATURETYPE_9 = "Mechanical"
 IncreasedCrit = "Increased Crit Chance"
 LAYOUTDIRECTION_8 = "Up then Right"
 LOCKED = "Locked"
 SENDSUCCESSFUL = "Sent successfully"
 SUG_PATTERNMATCH_WEIGHTSTONE = "Weighted %(%+%d+ Damage%)"
 SHOWGUIDS_OPTION = "Show GUIDs in tooltips."
 FONTCOLOR = "Font Color"
 ANIM_ICONOVERLAYIMG_DESC = "Overlays a custom image over the icon."
 UIPANEL_DRAWEDGE = "Highlight timer edge"
 COLOR_HEADER_DEFAULT = "These colors will be used for any icon type that does not override them in the type's color settings.

Solid white causes no change in the texture. Solid black will cause the texture to be sold black. Any gray or color in between will tint the icon."
 DR-Root = "Roots"
 COLOR_OOR_DESC = "Color of the icon when you are not in range to use an ability."
 UIPANEL_FONT_WIDTH_DESC = "Set the maximum width of the text display. If set to 0, it will extend as wide as possible.

 If this text display is anchored on both its left and right sides, this setting will have no effect."
 SOUND_EVENT_WHILECONDITION_DESC = "This notification will trigger for as long as a set of conditions that you configure are passing."
 CLEU_COMBATLOG_OBJECT_CONTROL_NPC_DESC = "Check to exclude units that are controlled by the server, including their pets and guardians."
 NONE = "None of these"
 SPELLTOCOMP2 = "Second Spell to Compare"

I just wanted to let you know that you can easily copy these colors to other bar-style icons by |cff7fffffright-clicking and dragging|r this icon to another."
 ICONMENU_UNIT_DESC_UNITCONDITIONUNIT = "Enter the unit to watch in this box.
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Unread 08-17-14, 03:45 PM  
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"This will refuse to load if you attempt to load it up on live servers, so don't do it."

Good to know. Now could you maybe tell me what, if anything, it will do when loaded in WoD?
Bill Van Vleck
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