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Updated: 08-08-14 05:14 AM
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Updated:08-08-14 05:14 AM
Created:08-08-14 05:14 AM
Categories:Action Bar Mods, Graphic UI Mods

Molkolo's Btex skin for Monks

Version: 1.0
by: Molkolo [More]

Authentic monk style

Specifically for Monks See the images in fullscreen!.

Here's a little help if you are a beginner:
Used addons

BTex addon
Dominos addon moving spell bars
ZMOB addon You can animate your character, your pet, your enemy's portrait etc..
SexyMap Designed Map

Extract this ZIP into the \Skins folder located inside your World of Warcraft \ Interface \ Addons \ BTex folder

Set name is:monk / monkbe
I hope you like it, enjoy it!

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