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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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BAB Bars (WoD)

Version: 1.0.4
by: Duugu [More]

This version is not longer maintained as the 6.0.2 live version does work on beta servers too


1.0.4 (WoD)


- Fixed a bug with option 'Show Grid' set to disabled in config mode where dragging actions to a bar was hiding the grid.

- Removed a leaking global table.

1.0.3 (WoD)


- Fixed a bug with Masque support that was introduced with 1.0.2

1.0.2 (WoD)


- Circle bars
The 'Circle'-button and the 'Permanent'-checkbox under 'Bar Options > Automatic Bar Shapes' now do set the bar to a perfect circle (circle heights was not correct in some setups).
Both options will automatically set the number of pivot sets of the bar to fixed number (3 pivot sets) to guarantee a correct circle.
As long as the 'Permanent'-checkbox is enabled the buttons 'Add/Remove Pivot Set' are disabled (number of pivot sets has to be 3 or 8 to guarantee a correct circle).

- Login in combat does now work. Bars should show up without errors even if you login while in combat.

- Bug 'AddOn "BAB" tried to call the protected function BABHeader:SetAttribute()' fixed

- Tried to fix missing button labels in the keybind window (Ok/Cancel). Please report if you still do not see those button labels (in this case I need the language you're using!).

- Lots of performance enhancements.

- Bar anchor now shows the correct bar name and not the bars internal name.


- New option: 'Auto Button Content Orientation' (Bar Options > Buttons)
With button shapes 'Static' and 'Dynamic': automatically flips the button contents (icon, texts) by 180 degrees if the button is top bottom (rotated by 90 degrees or more).
With button shape 'Round': buttons and contents (icon, texts) will be not rotated.

- New option 'Auto Button Padding For Permanent Circles' (Bar Options > Automatic Bar Shapes)
This new option is enabled as default for new bars. It automatically adjusts the padding between buttons if a bar is a permanent circle (option 'Permanent') so that there are no unwanted gaps between the bars buttons.
This option does not interfere with the 'Button Padding' option.

- New option 'Rotate Circle Bar' (Bar Options > Automatic Bar Shapes)
This option rotates the full circle if the bar is set to 'Automatic Bar Shapes > Circle > Permanent' or the option 'Link Curve Start And End Point' (only with 'Calculcation Style' Bezier available). The +/- buttons do rotate the bar relativly by -/+ 1 degree. The editbox sets the rotation to x degrees (0 degrees is the default bar rotation).
Tip: Choosing Bezier as calculation style does produce much better results with this new option than the Bernstein style.

- BAB Bars now supports dual talent specs.
There are now two profiles to select: 'Talent Spec 1' and 'Talent Spec 2'. ("Default" is the default value for both of them)
All changes (settings, spells, keybinds, whatever) are applied to the the profile that is selected for the current spec (profile label shows up as 'Active' in the main options window).

- New option 'Button Unlock Key' (Bar Options > Bar)
If an unlock key is selected (ALT, CTRL, SHIFT are available) then the bars buttons are locked for dragging without that modifier.
With 'Not locked' the bars buttons are unlocked. (this is also the default value for new bars)

- New option 'Show Grid' (Bar Options > Bar)
Option to show or hide empty buttons on the bar.
Works exactly like the equivalent Blizzard option. In configuration mode (option BAB Options menu) all buttons are visible.
Default value for new bars is enabled (all buttons are visible)

1.0.1 (WoD)


- bug on first load fixed

1.0.0 (WoD)


- Various WoD adjustments and fixes
- animations (button rotation)
- mount buttons (see Known Bugs)
- pet/equipment buttons
- flyout buttons
- much more

- Bars should now show up after teleport, etc.

- Key bindings to mouse buttons 3-5 are now saved and loaded as desired

0.1.1 (BETA)


- Some performance leaks (globals, redunant code, useless variable create, redundant table lookups, etc.)

0.1.0 (BETA)

All existing profiles are deleted with this first beta release. This is the last time that profiles are deleted on new verions. I swear. :)

- Added a "Link Bar" option that links the start and the endpoint of a bar. The option is only available if the "Calculation Style" option is set to "Bezier". With linked bar ends it's much easyer to create circle style bars.
- Added option buttons for setting bars to 'premade' shapes (circle, line - do you need any other shapes?), plus an option to permanent set bars to the the circle shape.
- Added a second round Masque skin: BAB_Round. It's simple, tiny, and dark.
- Keybinds are now local or global (default is 'global'; use the checkbox in BAB keybind window in keybinding mode to set the keybinds to individual).
- The white 'curve line' (that is the white line from the start to the end point behind the buttons in configuration mode) can now be deactivated (default is <ON>). Rendering the line takes a lot of system ressources and slows down the addon (especially with very long bars). You can deactivate the line via "Show Curve Progression" in the BAB Main Options window.
- Added an option to edit the bar name.
- Added an option "Auto Size Button Labels" (default: <on>) to auto resize the font for the count, action, and key label.
- Added an option to create character specific profiles ('New Character Profile'). Those profiles are saved per character and are shown for the specific character only. The prefix 'C:' and the characters name/realm name is _automatically_ added to those profile names. All other profiles (as created via 'New Global Profile') are still shown for all characters.
- The 'create new profile' buttons are now disabled if the 'name' field does not contain a valid profile name. Enter a name for the profile you would like to create to enable them. Note: Profile names do differentiate between small letters and capital letters.

- Adding and removing action bars is now passed to Masque (you'll have to re-open the Masque options ... it's Masque not me). Additionally BAB saves and restores which Masque skins are applied to the bars.
- A lot of performance optimizations for the configuration mode.
- 'Sections' are now called 'Pivot Sets'.
- "Add Pivot Set" now works as desired and always 'continues' the previous section. (Did not work until the previous sections knot was manually dragged at least once.)
- Removed buttons are now fully resetted (incl. key binds).
- Buttons that can't be used (like "Remove Section" if there is only one section left) are now disabled.
- Fixed a bug with equipment sets on a bar and login. (Equipment set data is not instant available if the player enters the world. It is loaded later on from the server. Doh.)
- Fixed a bug with the Button Size option. (Number in edit box was set to width but not to height.)
- Fixed a bug with with range checking for macros that use '/cast <companionname>' to summon a pet or mount.
- Fixed a bug with login/UI-reload and battlepets that caused all bars to stay hidden.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the user to add more than 8 pivot sets.
- Fixed a bug with auto-circle performance.
- Added a border to empty buttons slots in Masque skin "BAB_Blizzard".

0.0.8 (Alpha)

This is the last alpha version. The next version will be a beta version with permanent profiles for using in your live UI and reporting/fixing bugs.

- Bars and buttons are now hidden during pet battles.
- It's now possible to leave the configuration mode with ESC.
- First bar is now selected as default if the configuration mode opens and on switching to another profile.
- Added a "Select bar" dropdown to the bar options to select a bar without clicking the bars anchor/points.
- Added a "Copy Profile" option to the main options.
- Added a new option "Automatically Add Buttons" to bar options (default: on". With this option the bar is always automatically completely filled with buttons. "Add Button" and "Remove Button" are disabled as long as this option is active.

- Missing tooltips for pet, companion, equipmentsets, flyouts and flyout pop ups added.
- Active cooldowns are shown as desired on login/reload/profile switching etc.
- Optimized the profile management code. Loading/saving/etc. of profiles is now faster. BAB.lua in account SavedVariables is much smaller. Login is much faster (especially with a lot of bars and a lot of buttons).
- Removed the OnChar debug chat output. :)
- Fixed an error with Masque backdrop texture and BAB dynamic button shape
- Error with Blizz menu bar buttons (companion) fixed.
- Flyout buttons should now be hidden until they are used.
- Flyout buttons do now work on login without reloading the UI.
- Flyout buttons now do use the bars Masque skin.
- Much better performance and less memory/cpu usage in configuration mode. Compared with other action bar addons the memory/cpu usage is still high (atm BAB needs ~7 MB with a single standard bar, and on login/reload/in configuration mode temporary much more). I'll optimze the ressource usage later on, but due to it's heavy texture usage and calculation activity it's no surprise that BAB will never be a really resource friendly addon - expecially not in configuration mode. :)
- Vector points (red) are now move to a correct position (in a line with their according green knot point) if the calculation style is switched to "Bezier". Happens (obviously) only if the actual bar has more than one section.

0.0.7 (Alpha)

- Flyout buttons are now fully implemented. They provide the same functionality as the default Blizz flyout
buttons ... exept: you can't drag them in combat FROM an action button.
- BAB does support Masque. But not all Skins are usable without modifying them. The standard Masque skins
that Masque provides itself ("Blizzard", "Dream", and "Zoomed") do not work with BAB. So I've added some
open licenced available sample Masque skins that are suitable/modified for BAB to the addon download (they
are show with the prefix "BAB_" in Masque. Just to demonstrate how a skin has to look like and how BAB
looks with Masque skins (you still need to install the Masque addon itself to use them).
- "BAB_Demigod Round" - original designed by 'Elloria' (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12809-MasqueDemigodPack.html)
- "BAB_Cainyx" - original designed by 'WoWLoreConfusedMe' (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18682-MasqueCainyxButtonFacadeCainyx.html)
- "BAB_Lily" - original designed by Lily.Petal (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19698.html)
- "BAB_Aion" - original designed by Elloria (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12449.html)
- "BAB_Wildheart" - original designed by Elloria (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12669.html)
- "BAB_Bliizard", "BAB_Zoomed", "BAB_Dream" - original Skins from Masque (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12097-Masque.html)

- Masque support reworked/fixed/enhanced.
- Bar background fixed. Is now behind the buttons. But looks still really bad. ;) Building a better background
will be a lot of work. :/ Do you really want/need a bar background?
- Fixed a bug with button text options (texts are now hidden as desired if the option is deactivated).
- Fixed a bug with hidden buttons that are shown when teleport/heartstone/leaving pet battle.
- Fixed the out-of-range indicator for buttons. Does work now. Not sure if it is working for items (are there items with a range value?)
- Lots of other stuff. :)

0.0.6 (Alpha)

- Button type 'flyout' is basically implemented. That means flyout buttons can be dragged onto the bar, is
expandable and does work. The flyout frame itself still has to be done (layout, rotation, shape, etc.).
Dragging flyout buttons TO BAB buttons is unrestricted (in and out of combat). Dragging FROM the BAB button
is restricted to out of combat.
- New button shape 'Round' implemented.

- Fixed a problem with some localized mount names.
- Fixed a error with active spell alerts on standard bars.
- Masque support fixed/optimized and "Round" shape added to Masque support.
- A lot more things I can't remember right now. :D

0.0.5 (Alpha)

- Button type 'compagnion' (mounts) is implemented. Dragging 'companion' buttons TO a BAB button is restricted to out
of combat situations. Drag them FROM a BAB button is not restricted.
- Button type 'equipmentset' (Blizz equipment manager) is implemented. Dragging quipment sets from BAB buttons is
unrestricted (in and out of combat). Dragging TO the BAB button is restricted to out of combat.

- Companion pet/battlepet buttons now support drag TO the BAB button in combat. Drag FROM the BAB button is still
restricted to out of combat.
- Error on login ("Core.lua:51: attempt to compare nil with number") fixed
- Non-shaped buttons on login fixed

0.0.4 (Alpha)

- BAB now supports pet/battlepet buttons. Those buttons provide drag and drop out of combat only. Drag and drop
is disabled during combat.

- A new fix for the overlapping icon texture bug (sorry). Texture paths with capital letters ("INTERFACE\\ICONS"
instead of "Interface\\Icons") where not replaced as desired (can't imagine why Blizzard is mixing up small and
capital letters).
- Renamed LibActionBound and LibKeyBound to unique names to prevent that these customized libs are replaced by
standard or newer versions from other addons.

0.0.3 (Alpha)

- button texts added: bind, action, count + options to configure them (what a mess ... I hate blizzard)
- new option: Reset Bar
- new option: Curve Calculation Style: (Bernstein <default>, Bezier)
Up to version 0.0.2 the bars curve was calculated with a 'cubic bezier algorithm' (which is still
available via the "Curve Calculation Style' bar option). With the cubic bezier style each curve
consists of one or more connected 'segments' or 'sections'. Each section hase two endpoints (green)
and two control points (red). The button 'Add Section' adds a new section with two endpoints and two
control points to those bars. The advantage of the Bezier style is that the curve intersects all
sections start and end points (green).
The 'Bernstein' algorithem (the new default value) is a slightly different approach. With this style
a curve has only one section. The section still has two endpoints (green), but up to 32 control points
(red) instead of only 2. The 'Add Section' button adds 4 additional control points (red) to a 'Bernstein'
- number of sections per bar resticted to up to 8

- cooldown texture now is shaped correctly in dynamic mode
- flickering cd texture on first cd animation fixed
- macro buttons are now correctly shown as enabled instead of disabled/not usable (shaded)
- new sections now 'continue' the last section (instead of being aligned to the bar anchor)
- button texts are now hidden if the parent button is hidden
- last remaining section on a bar can't be removed
- it's now possible to remove all buttons on a bar (just the bar anchor remains)
- many more

0.0.2 (Alpha)

- glowing/ants buttons
- keybinds added
- configuration restricted to out of combat situations
- moved icon texture files into an extra addon 'BABTexturePack' which now is mandatory for BAB

- anchor of newly added bars now hides as desired when leaving config mode
- bug with 'dynamic' type button shape in certain situations (shape was 'upside down')
- bug with adding new buttons (buttons were not rotated as desired in certain situations until a ui-reload)
- non-spell buttons (eg. items) are now saved to the profile as desired

0.0.1 (Alpha)

- initial version
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Re: Verticle?

He Draewind,

Originally Posted by Draewind
I managed to get the one verticle bar I wanted, but all the icons are sideways. Oh well.
Well ... that behaviour is indeed kind of intended.

I'll add an option to flip icons and texts if the angle is > 180 or > 45 degrees.

But: if you goal is to build an ''ordinary" vertical action bar, then an other action bar mod could be a better choice. Almost every action bar mod out there is able to build standard vertical bars. BAB Bars mainly targets at all kind of bars that are not horizontal or vertical.
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I managed to get the one verticle bar I wanted, but all the icons are sideways. Oh well.
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