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Updated: 09-25-14 04:33 AM
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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
Updated:09-25-14 04:33 AM
Created:08-19-14 06:25 AM
Rematch - WoD Beta
Version: 3.0.14
by: Gello [More]
Rematch is an addon to help manage battle pet teams and pets.

This version is for the beta Warlords of Draenor client or 6.0 PTR.
The live Mists of Pandaria version (and a more complete description of the addon) can be found here.

New in 3.0.12
  • Fix for unnecessary prompts when leveling pet changes and 'Always show or load' is checked in options.
  • If window was up before prompting for a load due to 'Always show or load' in an auto load, it should remain up after the load.
  • If 'Always show or load' is not enabled, a new Reload button is added to main window for reloading the current team to its saved pets and abilities.
  • Import button moved to top of Teams tab when Reload button is enabled (while 'Always show or load' unchecked).
  • 6.0/WoD fix for auto load and targets with saved npcID.
  • 6.0/WoD fix for "shine" animation on pets loading and queue operations.

Note for users of Rematch on the beta Warlords of Draenor client
  • To copy your live battle pets to the beta, while logging in, at the bottom of the login screen where you choose a character is a "Character Copy" button. Click that and then click "Copy Account Data" button in the lowerleft of the window that appears. It will copy your account-wide pets and mounts to the beta.
  • If you know how, you can copy your live Rematch SavedVariable to the beta to get all your teams on the beta client. The contents of your leveling queue will not carry over, unfortunately. That part is a work in progress.
  • I've noticed some pets on live were revoked when copied to beta (the pet store ones mostly). Revoked pets are now greyed out in Rematch and treated as if you don't have them.
  • I've not found a way to empty a pet slot in WoD. Until it can be figured out, the "Empty Missing" option is turned off and removed from options and from the right-click menu of your current pets.
  • Teams that contain saved empty slots will simply ignore those slots and leave whatever was loaded in that slot's place.
  • If you encounter a bug or unexpected behavior, please mention that it was on the WoD beta client.

If you have any comments, suggestions or bugs to report feel free to post them here in the comments. Thanks!
09/25/2014 3.0.14 fix for error when a team fails to load
09/20/2014 3.0.13 fix for extra prompts for loading when leveling pet changes with 'Always show or load', window remains up after loading from said prompt, import button moved to teams tab, reload button added to main window, WoD fixes: fix for auto load and targets with saved npcIDs, fix for cooldown "shine" animation
09/18/2014 3.0.12 various WoD fixes: new petID formats, search box, tab icon chooser, key binding jump button
09/07/2014 3.0.11 options reworked, search bar added to teams tab, new options Reverse Dialog Direction, Larget list Text, browser filters In A Team/Not In A Team
09/01/2014 3.0.10 show on injured for 100% or below, bug fix type bar buttons, bug fix scrollbar inactive at end of lists, new option Auto Show->Stay after loading, new option Auto Load->Show after loading, esES and esMX localization
08/19/2014 3.0.9 toc reverted to 50400 for MoP, WoD-only bug fix for npc id recognition, new option "Show dialogs at side"
08/13/2014 3.0.8 bug fix for slots emptied if leveling queue is empty and loaded team contains a leveling pet, zhTW and zhCN localizaion update.
08/09/2014 3.0.7 bug fix for leveling pets causing window to show on load, missing pet popup dialog, DontWarnMissing option to turn off dialog, zhCN localization, localization template now includes new/depreciated strings
08/07/2014 3.0.6 WoD support, revoked pets are treated as missing pets
08/06/2014 3.0.5 Auto Load will only load on first interaction with a saved target, further interactions will prompt for load
08/05/2014 3.0.4 "new" options Jump To Key, Auto Load-> On Target Only, Always Show or Load, dialogs no longer overlap, ESC bug fixes, auto-shown windows dismiss when team loads, zhTW localization, removed lastOffered system
08/01/2014 3.0.3 reworked esc system (removed uispecialframe handling); window will reappear after a pet battle only if it was up when battle started; removed StayOnTarget option; zhCN localization
07/30/2014 3.0.2 auto load/auto show disabled during pet battles, attempting to load a team during combat or pet battle will wait until afterwards
07/28/2014 3.0.1 fix for team loading when window hidden, fix for dead pets not loading
07/28/2014 3.0.0 rewritten UI, Pets and Teams tab, resize grip for window, many other changes
07/02/2014 2.4.9 zhTW and zhCN update, Rebuild Teams button added, removed team validation on login
06/16/2014 2.4.8 enable Auto Rotate auto-selects topmost leveling pet, some tweaks to how moving pets in the queue work, new browser filter Only Tradable.
06/05/2014 2.4.7 localization updates for zhTW and zhCN.
06/02/2014 2.4.6 ability tooltips now look more like pet cards, new options Larger Pet Cards and Show on Injured, show window if a pet is missing when team loads, update for zhTW, zhCN
05/29/2014 2.4.5 import PBT team button, localization method reworked, updates for zhTW and zhCN.
05/27/2014 2.4.4 only battle pets option added for real
05/26/2014 2.4.3 level internally classified as a stat for more standard behavior, ability to search for text+stats together, browser options: wide search bar, use type bar, only battle pets, update for zhTW locale
05/24/2014 2.4.2 journal button now attaches to chain of anchors ending at the find battle button, zhTW localization by leg883, hide journal option, minimap button, key binding option button, find battle button
05/18/2014 2.4.1 zhCN localization, show on any pets dead after load complete, added stat compare search, added xp bar on pets with partial levels in queue
05/16/2014 2.4.0 leveling queue revamp, tooltips added, LDB support, pet card health shows health/max when hurt
04/06/2014 2.3.8 localization updates for zhTW, zhCN and deDE clients
04/03/2014 2.3.7 new OnlyLeveling filter option, new Close Pet Journal option, sort order saved to savedvar
03/30/2014 2.3.6 zhTW localization, fix for current zone in kun-lai summit
03/29/2014 2.3.5 options panel changed to scrollable list, deDE localization, zhCN localization
03/21/2014 2.3.4 strings separated out to localization files
03/17/2014 2.3.3 search hits highlights on pet card, typebar radio buttons turned to tabs, all three type modes can be filtered simultaneously, dropdown type menu behavior made same as typebar, fix for non-battle pets having wrong damage taken for their type, strong/tough searches no longer include non-battle pets, buttons added to browser scrollbar to scroll to top and bottom
03/09/2014 2.3.2 fix for 'start leveling' in pet journal, double-click in browser to summon/dismiss pets, browser pets marked if dead, possible fix for a scrollframe bug (when scrollbar disabled move offset to 0 if not already there)
03/08/2014 2.3.1 removed portrait mask for ability icons on default ability tooltip, jump to key only if no modifier down, added link to chat for browser pets, browser opens back up after journal closes (if it was up before), favorite filter turned into a soft filter
03/07/2014 2.3.0 new pet browser, pet card lock/mouseover mechanism, SmartAnchor system references the main window instead of relativeTo, Jump to Team changed to Jump to Key, species aren't filled when when caging a species that has multiples in a saved team, fix for abilities not linking from current pets
02/22/2014 2.2.9 new option StayForBattle, added "weak vs" row to hints window, SmartAnchor system for pet card and tooltips, reworked dropdown menu build to make options more consistent, added Swap with Next in Queue to dropdown, added pullout side panel for leveling pet/queue auto load, added option ShowSidePanel to enable side panel
02/19/2014 2.2.8 window hides when a battle starts/returns after, fix for 5.4.7 patch and revoked pets
02/11/2014 2.2.7 fix for pet names on leveling slot/queue right-click menu, pets in the journal show an icon if they're a leveling pet, leveling icon changed, when queue is empty 'Put Leveling Pet Here' still given as an option but disabled, removed highlight texture from saved pets
02/01/2014 2.2.6 when pets are loaded, there is no longer an effort to have loaded teams move into first slots, but instead to the slots they were saved, fix for dead X icon persisting on empty slots, auto load only fires once per encounter with a saved target, added AutoLoad->AutoLoadAlways option, added AutoLoad->EmptyMissing option, fixed minor xml errors, fix for current header not being draggable, pet loading more rigorous (checks if pet/ability needs loading, verifies it loaded, sets up a reload in 0.3 seconds or after battle if failed), /rematch import converts empty slots to leveling pets and turns on 'Empty Missing', /rematch import over to overwrite existing teams, /rematch help
01/29/2014 2.2.5 fix for right-click menu on leveling slot
01/29/2014 2.2.4 species ID is saved with teams and used when the pet ID is no longer valid, 'Send to End of Queue' option added for current leveling pets, full support for empty slots, petload process changed from OnUpdate one swap per frame to all swaps at once
01/25/2014 2.2.3 rename/send/export/delete moved to right-click of a team; fix for current team title not updating if pets don't change, fix for ESC sometimes failing with unexpected UISpecialFrame entry, possible fix for pet loading issue
01/18/2014 2.2.2 ESC system switched from UISpecialFrames to propagated keys, "Current Battle Pets" header will show last loaded team (if current pets are still last loaded team), teams can be renamed, hitting a letter over teams will jump to a team that begins with that letter, new toggle auto load binding
01/10/2014 2.2.1 changed 'frame' to 'rematch' in RematchSharedDropDown CreateFrame
01/10/2014 2.2.0 code restructured, UI/ESCable system reworked, saved pet section collapses, Lock Drawer option, esc clears selected team, auto-show/load will not dismiss the window if it was up already, 'Use Leveling Pet' added to right-click menu of current pets that can't level, save button is 'Save As' when it will ask for a name, help button and help plates
12/14/2013 2.1.5a fix for ability icons made too big from today's update oops
12/14/2013 2.1.5 'Add to Leveling Queue' option added for journal pet menus to send to end of queue, removed 5.4.1 taint bug fix, queue only processes when out of combat/pet battle
12/06/2013 2.1.4 auto upgrade (aka best of species) option added
11/29/2013 2.1.3 leveling queue system, right-click menus added to journal current pets and leveling pets, level displayed on current pets under 25
11/07/2013 2.1.2 confirmation on save/import/receive over existing teams, confirmation on delete, option to disable confirmations, changed icon of the pullout button, new option: Auto Load->On Mouseover to auto load teams on mouseover instead of target
11/04/2013 2.1.1 caged pets replaced by their species in saved teams, fix for auto load preventing opening window, petsNeedLoading will take leveling pets into account
11/03/2013 2.1.0 removed lock system, replaced with leveling slot system; pet journal onshow HookScript instead of SetScript; removed requirement for selected team to be scrolled in to save/delete; saveAs will allow saving over a team with same name
10/29/2013 2.0.10 fix for taint issue with microbuttons: setfenv onshow to empty UpdateMicroButtons()
10/28/2013 2.0.9 removed visibility requirement to update pet journal loadouts
10/27/2013 2.0.8 fix for disconnect bug when dragging pets to a saved slot; PetBattleTeam migration moved to /rematch migrate
10/27/2013 2.0.7 rematch button on pet journal will move based on the existence of other buttons along the bottom
10/24/2013 2.0.6 if 'Auto Show' and 'Lock Window' are both checked, window will remain after pets load; all three slots can be locked; auto show/load trigger more intelligently with locked pets; added Rematch button to pet journal; ability tooltip mouse disabled; holding Shift will let you move the window while it's locked; 'Keep Companion' system reworked around UNIT_PET with a timeout
10/18/2013 2.0.5 fix for saving low level pets caused by fix from last update
10/18/2013 2.0.4 low level pets with abilities higher than they can use will load the lower tier ability instead, low level current pets only show abilities they can use, team loads taking too long will stop trying, BAG_UPDATE throttled
10/18/2013 2.0.3 rewrite: new UI, new options, custom teams, send/import/export teams
09/11/2013 1.0.5 toc update for 5.4
08/06/2013 1.0.4 fix for saved pets caged or missing
05/21/2013 1.0.3 toc update for 5.3
03/16/2013 1.0.2 added 'Auto Show' option, changed UI a bit
03/13/2013 1.0.1 initial release
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Unread 09-18-14, 03:55 AM  
A Scalebane Royal Guard
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Last night's build changed how petIDs are formatted (again) so the previous versions will throw an error when you login (if you have a leveling queue) or you open the window.

This update (3.0.12) should fix that.

While I'm here, how attached are you guys to the contents of your leveling queue when the patch day happens?

There's some code to convert petIDs to the new format when you log in, but there's no guarantee that petIDs will be remotely the same when everyone is upgraded to 6.0. Unfortunately this isn't something that can be tested on the beta or PTR client.

The upshot is that while leveling queues may smoothly make a transition to 6.0, it's possible that everyone's queue will empty on patch day (and then continue working normally from then on).

Is this a serious issue for anyone?

(This won't affect teams. Rematch has a very robust system for "recapturing" pets that change petIDs within teams.)
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Unread 09-01-14, 09:01 PM  
A Scalebane Royal Guard
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Thanks! I haven't had a lot of time to spend in the beta so getting it run through its paces as much as possible would be a big help.

The idea of flagging some pets for another purpose is an interesting idea. Can flag pets as "alternate favorites" and have them sort after favorites or filter by them. I think making a queue-like reorderable list would be a bit much, however.

It'd need some name to classify them. Secondary favorites? Alternate favorites? Sideline Pets?
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Unread 08-24-14, 07:02 PM  
A Frostmaul Preserver

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Just pulled over your addon to the Beta. Initial impressions. Love the little window. the pvp button is a great addition right of the top. I love having multiple tabs with multiple teams. That is pretty darn awesome additions.

Also just noticed the Arrows for navigating the list of leveling pets. Very handy.

I'll report back again hopefully within the week (busy work schedule) to let you know how well it keeps all the dailies I have.

One request: Upgrade with Battlestone. It' s something I've been wanting for a while. I'm really hoping it can be a filter like "Set Favorite", but I was also hoping to do an order of preference too. It's just with favorites running around the Garrisons I'm hoping to use favorites for actual favorites.

I'm hoping to when I get battle stones, I can filter by family [beast] and then see that I wanted to upgrade my white kitty before I do my warp stalker. presently I have 32 stones, and I'm just waiting figure out which pet I want to spend time going after for a rare and which I just want to upgrade.
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