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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.3)
Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
Escalation (5.3)
Updated:11-12-14 04:46 AM
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Conflict Panel

Version: 19106.11.12.14
by: Belhatite [More]

[[ List of Included Features: ]]
☼ Type /cp for a list of all useable slash commands.
☼ Bag Icon with empty/total count, click to toggle All Bags
☼ Durability Display, click to open the character frame.
☼ LFG?? Display:
→→→ Left Click to open the 'Dungeon Finder' Window.
→→→ Right Click to open the 'Scenario Finder' Window.
→→→ SHIFT+Click to open the 'Pet Battle' Window.
☼ Tokens
→→→ Displays PvE & PvP Tokens worthy of note
→→→ (if you would like to see some added please leave a feature request in the 'Comments' section)
☼ Gold Display: Hover your mouse over this for more detailed information
→→→ Amount you had when you logged into current session.
→→→ Money you have spent during the current session.
→→→ Money you have gained during the current session.
→→→ Money/Profit Gain during the current session.
→→→ Money Gain / Hour during the current session.
☼ Friends Online & Friends Online
→→→ Click to toggle the 'Friends' window
☼ Guild Data: If you are in a guild this will display the following.
→→→ Total Online / Total Logged into Mobile of Total Number of Guild Members
→→→ Highlight to see a list of:
→→→ Name of Guildmate: Level - Class Current Location
→→→ The bottom of the tooltip wil show your current guild Message of the Day!
→→→ Click to open the Guild Window
☼ Performance Info: FPS LATENCY AddOn Memory Usage
→→→ Tooltip displays:
→→→ Frame Rate
→→→ Bandwidth Download Speed
→→→ Bandwitdth Upload Speed
→→→ Latency
→→→ Global AddOn Namespace Usage
→→→ UI Memeory Usage.
→→→ <Hold Shift for detailed AddOn Info>
→→→ <Click to perform collect and discard access AddOn trash>
☼ Reputation Info: Name: Rank - Current of Maximum (for current rank)
→→→ Tooltip Info:
→→→ Known Factions Total
→→→ Breakdown of each category. Hated, Hostile, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Exalted
→→→ Name of Currently Tracked Reputation
→→→ Current Rank - Current Reputation amount of Maximum (for current rank)
→→→ Click to open the Reputation Window
☼ Detailed Zone information:
→→→ Zone Name : Zone Sub Name <current x,y co-ordinates>
→→→ Click to open the Map Window

☼ Useable /slash Commands ☼
→→→ /cp show - to show the info panel
→→→ /cp hide - to show the info panel
→→→ /cp swap - to toggle the info panel from the top to bottom or vice versa

Are you reporting a bug? Post a comment and please include:
√ Version number
► √ Check the .toc file if you're not sure!
√ WoW build number and language (on the WoW login screen in the bottom right)
► √ Check the login screen if you're not sure!
√ What seems to be the problem?
√ What steps can I follow to reproduce the problem?
√ Does the problem happen when all other addons are disabled?
√ Can you post a screenshot if it is a visual bug or issue you are reporting.
√ Do you have BugSack or Swatter installed? if not, do you have Display Lua Errors turned on?
√ Text of the first related error message. (if any)
► √ Please do not include lists of local variables or installed addons, if you wouldn't mind, Just the first 4-6 lines of the error message!

Conflict Panel: Official stand alone release, updated for client 19116 6.0.3
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