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Legion (7.0.3)
Minor patch (6.2.4)
Minor patch (6.2.3)
Fury of Hellfire (6.2)
The Adventure Continues (6.1)
Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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Conflict Panel

Version: 22248.07.19.16a
by: Belhatite [More]

[[ List of Included Features: ]]
Update to version 20201.07.01.15 or above to to correct an issue where the panel was continuing to display during pet battles.

☼ Bag Icon with empty/total count, click to toggle All Bags

☼ Durability Display, click to open the character frame.

☼ LFG?? Display:
→→→ Click to open the 'Dungeon Finder' Window.

☼ Currency
→→→ Displays PvE & PvP Tokens worthy of note
→→→ Will display how many Seals of Inevitable Fate you have, how many garrison resources you have, how much garrison oil you have, as a quick view reference. Hovering over this will display a full list of all of your tokens and non gold WoD / MoP / PvP currencies you have.
→→→ (if you would like to see some added please leave a feature request in the 'Comments' section)

☼ Gold Display: Hover your mouse over this for more detailed information
→→→ Amount you had when you logged into current session.
→→→ Money you have spent during the current session.
→→→ Money you have gained during the current session.
→→→ Money/Profit Gain during the current session.
→→→ Money Gain / Hour during the current session.

☼ Friends Online & B.net Friends Online
→→→ Click to toggle the 'Friends' window

☼ Guild Data: If you are in a guild this will display the following.
→→→ Total Online / Total Logged into Mobile of Total Number of Guild Members
→→→ Highlight to see a list of:
→→→ Name of Guildmate: Level - Class Current Location
→→→ The bottom of the tooltip wil show your current guild Message of the Day!
→→→ Click to open the Guild Window

☼ Performance Info: FPS LATENCY AddOn Memory Usage
→→→ Tooltip displays:
→→→ Frame Rate
→→→ Bandwidth Download Speed
→→→ Bandwitdth Upload Speed
→→→ Latency
→→→ Global AddOn Namespace Usage
→→→ UI Memeory Usage.
→→→ <Hold Shift for detailed AddOn Info>
→→→ <Click to perform collect and discard access AddOn trash>

☼ Reputation Info: Name: Rank - Current of Maximum (for current rank)
→→→ Tooltip Info:
→→→ Known Factions Total
→→→ Breakdown of each category. Hated, Hostile, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Exalted
→→→ Name of Currently Tracked Reputation
→→→ Current Rank - Current Reputation amount of Maximum (for current rank)
→→→ Click to open the Reputation Window

☼ Detailed Zone information:
→→→ Zone Name : Zone Sub Name <current x,y co-ordinates>
→→→ Click to open the Map Window

☼ Useable /slash Commands ☼
→→→ /cp show - to show the info panel
→→→ /cp hide - to show the info panel
→→→ /cp swap - to toggle the info panel from the top to bottom or vice versa

Are you reporting a bug? Post a comment and please include:
√ Version number
► √ Check the .toc file if you're not sure!
√ WoW build number and language (on the WoW login screen in the bottom right)
► √ Check the login screen if you're not sure!
√ What seems to be the problem?
√ What steps can I follow to reproduce the problem?
√ Does the problem happen when all other addons are disabled?
√ Can you post a screenshot if it is a visual bug or issue you are reporting.
√ Do you have BugSack or Swatter installed? if not, do you have Display Lua Errors turned on?
√ Text of the first related error message. (if any)
► √ Please do not include lists of local variables or installed addons, if you wouldn't mind, Just the first 4-6 lines of the error message!

22248.07.19.16a: Updated for Legion Pre-patch. coding is from testing in the Beta, so if you notice any bugs or errors please post them in the comments. (r22248.07.19.16a corrects a .toc file update that accidentally over looked from the beta)

20201.07.01.15: Corrected an issue where the panel was continuing to display during pet battles. Update to this version to correct that issue.

19342.12.19.14: Modified the Tokens Display to include the new Seal of Inevitable Fate, as well as the garrison resource Oil. Also changed the icon to the Seal of Inevitable Fate, and will display how many you have then how much garrison resources you have then how much garrison oil you have. Hovering over this will display a full list of all of your tokens and non gold currencies.

19342.12.19.14: Added a Feature to manually update the XP data when you click the XP button, as well as the Money, and Currency Buttons.

9243.12.18.14: Added All WoD curencies to the Currency Display, Added Level to the XP Display, as well as color coded XP %, and Rested XP %

Conflict Panel: Official stand alone release, updated for client 19116 6.0.3
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