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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
Escalation (5.3)
Thunder Isle (5.2)
Landfall (5.1)
Mists of Pandaria (5.0.4)
Updated:10-15-14 12:09 AM
Created:08-26-14 02:46 PM
MaxUI  Updated this week!
Version: 19033.10.14.14
by: Belhatite [More]

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If you are upgrading from earlier than 18414.9.28.14: DELETE YOUR MaxUI folder (and MaximumAction folder if you have that installed as well) before installing.
This update requires a fresh install of the AddOn. Errors will occur and bad things will happen if you do not do this.

[[ List of Included Features: ]]
☼ ☼ ☼ Type /mui in game for a complete list of commands ☼ ☼ ☼

☼ Ability to customize almost all in-game text options font type, font size, style, drop shadow
☼ Modified Scrolling Combat Text font sizes to make heals and crits easier to see, as well as positioned them in such a manner as to allow for easier reading of raid warnings, and addon messages such as those sent from other AddOn's like DBM.
☼ Enhanced Information display with integrated info panel display.
☼ Quest Accepts & Turn In Quests (can be disabled by holding down shift, alt, or ctrl key)
☼ Completely re-skined and streamlined, removed undesired textures
☼ Auto Accept rez, and /thank emote to the caster
☼ Auto Decline Duels (hold CTRL to accept)
☼ Auto Accept Battleground AoE Rez
☼ Auto Sell Grey items when visiting a vendor
☼ Auto Repair (optionally with guild funds before your own) when visiting a repair vendor
☼ Automatically changes the tracked rep to the last rep gained
☼ 'AddFriend' option to the right click menu for players name in chat
☼ ♫♫ Audible Warning ♫♫ when 'Fatigue' sets in, which is played even with FXSounds disabled

Enchaned Tooltip Functions

→→→→→ Border is Colored by Class of Target of mousing over a Player
→→→→→ Border is Colored by Item Quality if hovering over an Item
→→→→→ Detailed target information, Faction Icon, Target Name, Guild Name (if any)
→→→→→ Target Health bar with Current / Maximum Health and % amounts
→→→→→ Target Mana/Power/Rage bar with Current / Maximum amounts

Custom Chat Frame Replacement
→→→→→ Allows for frames to be moved to bottom of screen.
→→→→→ Modifies the size limits of the default chat frame settings, such as size, placement
→→→→→ Hides unwanted textures & buttons
→→→→→ Allows mouse scrolling
→→→→→ URL copy/link from chat
→→→→→ Short Common Channel names
→→→→→ Hide the Social Buttons on the Chat Window
→→→→→ Hides Chat Frame Scroll Buttons
→→→→→ Shortens Common channel names
→→→→→ Moves the EditBox (Text Entry) Box to the top of the Chat Frame
→→→→→ Hides Chat Tabs unless you hover over them with your mouse
→→→→→ Right click and 'Copy Name' to pop up a window to copy a persons name from chat (helpful when they have special or alt+ characters in their name)
→→→→→ Right click to 'Guild Invite' a person from chat
→→→→→ /tt to send a /tell to your current target (if able.)
→→→→→ /wt to send a /whisper to your current target (if able.)

Custom Minimap
→→→→→ Right Click for Interactive Menu
→→→→→ Notifies user of pending Calendar Events when logging on (can be disabled)
→→→→→ Notifies user 15 minutes prior to an Event they are signed up for on the Calendar
→→→→→ Displays the total amount of pending events on the Calendar button
→→→→→ Custom Placement of the Calendar Button
→→→→→ Custom Placement of the Tracking Button
→→→→→ Custom Placement of the Mail Icon

Right-click menu from the Minimap

►►►►► Character Screen
►►►►► Spellbook & Abilities
►►►►► Specialization / Talents
►►►►► Inventory
►►►►► Achievements
►►►►► Quest Log
►►►►► Friends
►►►►► Guild
►►►►► Group Finder
►►►►► Player vs. Player
►►►►► Dungeon Journal
►►►►► Mounts & Pets
►►►►► Blizzard Support
►►►►► Raid Browser (Old Raid Browser /rb)
►►►►► BG Minimap (toggle the BG Map on/off)
►►►►► Blizzard Store
►►►►► Leave Instance/Group/Raid
►►►►► Reload UI
►►►►► Quit Game
►►►►► Log Out
►►►►► Also shows the default short cuts or / commands to use the features

Player/Target/Focus Frames Customized

→→→→→ %'s (percents) on Player and Target Frames
→→→→→ Scale the Player and Target Frames (0.1% - 500%)
→→→→→ Player Portraits replaced with Class Icons for easier visual identification, like in PvP
→→→→→ Target Name Backing is also Class Colored
→→→→→ Frames made darker to make data on them easier to read

Automatic Announcements

∞∞ Automatic Spell Interrupt Announcement (script determines channel instance,raid,say)
→→→→→ Added coverage for the Priest Silence Spell that Interrupts spell casting.
∞∞ Automatic Sapped Announcement
→→→→→ Adds the name of the sub zone if you are in PvP such as:
→→→→→ SAPPED by <Name of Rogue or Druid using Pounce> in 'The Stables'
∞∞ Announces 'Mass Ress' with details
→→→→→ How many people can be affected, lists names of those with the debuff, who will not be effected.

Customizable Cast Bars

→→→→→ Size, placement of Player Cast bar can be modified
→→→→→ Size, placement of Focus Cast bar can be modified
→→→→→ Size, placement of TargetCast bar can be modified

Useable /slash Commands

→→→→→ /rui - reload the user interface
→→→→→ /lg - Say thank you for group then leave your group or instance group
→→→→→ /muip show - to show the info panel
→→→→→ /muip hide - to show the info panel
→→→→→ /muip swap - to change move the info panel from the top to bottom or vice versa
→→→→→ /eject left - Eject left-side passenger, when on a multi-unit mount
→→→→→ /eject right - Eject right-side passenger, when on a multi-unit mount
→→→→→ /eject both - Eject both passengers, when on a multi-unit mount
→→→→→ /beta - Announces the current version information (for those beta testing)

Customized Frames
Allows for the following windows to be placed wherever the user desires.
≡≡≡≡► Unit Frames (Player/Target/Focus Frames) now with %'s
≡≡≡≡► Action Bars (Can move, and scale)
≡≡≡≡► Right Action Bar (Can move, and scale)
≡≡≡≡► Right Action Bar 2 (Can be placed Left or Right)
≡≡≡≡► Minimap with interactive Right click micro menu
≡≡≡≡► Buff / Debuff Window
≡≡≡≡► Quest Tracker
≡≡≡≡► Stance Bar
≡≡≡≡► Extra Action Button
≡≡≡≡► Bag details on info panel
≡≡≡≡► Info Panel can be set to top or bottom of screen

Other AddOns in Screenshots

≡≡≡≡► This AddOn DOES NOT replace the following: Bags, Name Plates
≡≡≡≡► This AddOn DOES NOT provide a dps/heals tracker
≡≡≡≡► We Suggest the use of Bagnon for your bags.
≡≡≡≡► We suggest the use of Skada Damage Meters for your Meters
≡≡≡≡► Please note these are only suggestions you may use whatever other AddOns you like, but we know that these work with our UI system, and have yet to cause issues or errors.

Adjustments and Additional Customizations
Check out this video:

* Move the Player/Target/ Focus Frames.
→→→→→ (right click frame > move frame > unlock frame) then right click and drag the frame to where you
→→→→→ want it located. to lock he frames so you don't accidentally move them during combat.
→→→→→ (right click frame > move frame > lock frame)
→→→→→ Please note there are additional changes that can be changed in this menu as well.
→→→→→ ie: Player Frame can have the cast bar moved to the bottom of the player frame.
→→→→→ (right click frame > move frame) then [x] Cast Bar Underneath
* To add the 2nd, 3rd, Right, and Right2 action bars on your display. Go into the Blizzard Interface Window
→→→→→ (esc > interface > actionbars) and [x] the action bars you want to display.
* To add the cur/max health and mana information to the Player/Target/Focus frames.
→→→→→ (esc > interface > status text) and from the drop down menu choose [numeric values]
* For a Larger Focus Frame
→→→→→ (esc > interface > unit frames) and check [x] Larger Focus Frame


Are you reporting a bug? Post a comment and please include:
√ Version number
► √ Check the .toc file if you're not sure!
√ WoW build number and language
► √ Check the login screen if you're not sure!
√ What seems to be the problem?
√ What steps can I follow to reproduce the problem?
√ Does the problem happen when all other addons are disabled?
√ Can you post a screenshot if it is a visual bug or issue you are reporting.
√ Do you have BugSack or Swatter installed? if not, do you have Display Lua Errors turned on?
√ Text of the first related error message. (if any)
► √ Please do not include lists of local variables or installed addons, if you wouldn't mind, Just the first 4-6 lines of the error message!
beta 18414: Initial Release of design and concept

beta 18414b: Added Panel system to reduce screen clutter, and address a few minor issues with over redundancies of certain items, and included a few features requested by the guild.
<Scarlet Crusaders> of Turalyon US

beta 18414c: Added the Unit Frames modifications, allowing the Player and Target Frames to be scaled (from 0.1 to 500%) Added Health and Mana %'s for Player and Target. Darkened the frames to make them easier to see and read. Player Classes have their portraits replaced with their Class Icon to make things such as PvP, Healing and the like. Target Name bar is also Class Colored.

beta 18414d: Added Nameplates into the user interface (still under 300kb of memory usage for all of the included items). Added a few more custom textures to the frames and panels as well as incorporating custom font as well.

beta 18414e: Modified the layout of several windows. Adjusted the size of the text on the displayed panels. Adjusted the default windows placement and optimized code work.

beta 18414f: Corrected a minor issue with the Automatic Spell Interrupt Announcement Feature, added coverage for the Priest Silence spell interrupt option. Testing announcement of aura effects such as announcing 'Stun' and 'Fear' effects implemented. Adjusted the layout of the Interactive Minimap Menu, added Reload UI option to the menu as well. Made a few minor adjustments to the Name Plate Layout for easier visualization. Added announcement of 'Sapped' state with the optional announcement of yelling the location if you are doing PvP.

beta 18414g: Adjusted the layout of the Panel bar, corrected an issue with the tooltip appearing over the item you hovered over rather than below it. Added Bloody Coins into the tracking of the Honor System. Updated the formatting of the Honor plug-in to show Honor Points, Bloody Coins, and Conquest Points on the panel bar. Updated some of the information displayed in the Panel Bar's tooltips.

b18414h: DELETE YOUR OLD MaximumUI and MaximumPanel folders. This update requires an complete fresh install of the AddOn. Errors will occur and bad things will happen if you do not.

b18414j: Removed Player/Target/Focus picture being class icon, reverted back to default unit image. Added Level and Race to player window.
Added Class Icon and Faction Banner (Alliance or Horde) to Player and Target Windows
Added Race/Species to the Target Frame
Adjusted the text, size, placement, and general layout of several sections of text throughout the UI.
Split the Mount/Pet option in the interactive Minimap menu to
** Mount
** Pokewow/Wowkemon pet battle
They will now go direct to specified window.
Added the Reload UI command into the Minimap Menu
Adjusted the placement of the Health % and Mana % for Player and Target Frames.
All of the new features are able to be manually adjusted in the config.lua file

b18414k: Adjusted a few settings, added more Tokens to the token tracking panel. Added target information to gametooltip, added colored tooltip dependent upon class of target or quality of item. Moved the Icon from the outside of the item tooltip to the inside for chat linked items. Note: may need to click the chat linked item twice to update your client side data if you have never seen the item before.
REMOVED - Target Name plates. So many people use Tidy Plates, and the crew who has made Tidy plates has done such a wonderful job, I see no reason to attempt to reinvent the wheel.

b18414m: Corrected an issue with tooltip not updating properly, an issue with the interrupt announcement. Made a few corrections to the announcement and assistance feature. Corrected an issue with Quest Accept/Turn-In feature.

18414.9.30.14 Reinstated Player/Target/Focus Health Percents (still leaving mana percents out as not as important as health info) Also added Boss Health Percents. Added a Custom Party/Instance/Raid Leader Icon to chat. Adjusted custom font settings throughout.

18414.10.2.14 Corrected a few minor typo's and adjusted the default placement of some of the new 100% based content.

19033.10.14.14 NOW 6.0.2 Enabled by default, and ready to ROLL OUT!
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