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Tomb of Sargeras (7.2.0)
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Version: v1.05
by: Taraezor [More]

Aye, yer scurvy swab! Ye can yell a random pirate exhortation and/or enjoy pirate flavoured tooltips for pirate NPCs, spells, and items.

Yells be perfect for carousin' with yer scallywag pirate buddies.

And Tooltips? Aye! There be plenty o' pirates throughout Azeroth 'n' plenty o' their booty to be sure. Most can be found south o' Booty Bay 'n' along the Southbreak Shore and Lost Rigger Cove in Tanaris. There be other places where pirates be found, such as Faldir's Cove.

So get out 'n' find 'em or are ye a lily-livered poop deck swab?

(Not incessantly mind you. The same item, spell, and NPC will not be flavoured again for 15 minutes)

How to Use
Instal: Like any other AddOn. Set up: Works 'as is'. For configuration enter '/yarrr' in chat.

/yarrr to see a menu of possible commands.

/yarrr r to randomly yell a pirate themed exhortation. These are from a different set to the Tooltip puns and jokes. Perfect for pirate themed parties and Talk Like a Pirate Day in Booty Bay!

If You Like Yarrr
While adventuring, map your way with X and Y and keep track of Sunrise & Sunset, pickup a great raptor pet with Adorable Hatchling Nests, search for Netherwing Eggs, hunt for achievement critters and NPCs with Rare Love, try Tip to enhance your Tooltips, go the Hard Yards, the most accurate way to measure distance, use This Scampi Happening for fish flavoured Tooltips, or Yarrr for pirate Tooltips, and instal Let Minnow to show off your fishing poles! You Cod Do Batter for fishing achievements and you'll need Dark Soil for The Tillers friendships! When you turn geek, turn to Fibonacci! Who wipes? We Don't Wipe, an excellent DPS maximiser!

Cookies, Beer & Donations
It is all about the cookies and beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Click here to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend".

== v1.05 - 12th May 2017
* More puns
* Lots more expressions
* "Macro Commands" in the command menu, whilst technically correct, has been renamed to the more sensible "Commands"
* Various hook adjustments to keep in sync with the extensively tested Tip AddOn upon which this is a subset
* A print() changed to a printPC()

== v1.04 - 16th April 2017
* More puns
* Expressions added
* Macro commands for expressions added

== v1.03 - 29th March 2017
* Lots of Scalawag Point NPCs added
* Andre Firebeard (Southbreak Shore, Tanaris), Fronkle the Disturbed
* Patch 7.2 Update

== v1.02 - 18th March 2017
* Added Blockade Pirate

== v1.01 - 25th October 2016
* Version update to support Patch 7.1 "Return to Karahzan"
* Added Ooka Dooker

== v1.00 - 17th September 2016
* Initial release
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