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Updated: 04-25-18 11:30 AM
Battle for Azeroth Beta (8.0.1)
Updated:04-25-18 11:30 AM
Created:04-25-18 11:30 AM
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TasteTheNaimbow 8.0 BFA BETA

Version: 5.0
by: Meeanda [More]

Despository for BFA Beta Version of TasteTheNaimbow

TasteTheNaimbow colors the name in ALL chat channels based on a cache of the person's name. This means that the color for the name will ALWAYS be the same.

Secondly, because I used an HSV formula to come up with a color, they are all bright, vibrant colors.

As of now, the addon has no options and should work with all chat channels. Please inform me if it does not.

In addition, you can now make sure that you are messaging the correct person just by looking at your ChatEdit frame!

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