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Battle for Azeroth Beta (8.0.1)
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PersoLootRoll (BFA Beta)

Version: 1
by: Shrugal [More]

A World of Warcraft addon to share and roll on items when using personal loot.

This is the BFA-Beta version of the addon, you can get the live version here.


  • Shows Blizzard's built-in group-loot roll windows to roll on tradable personal loot from other players.
  • Rolls on loot by whispering/rolling in chat or (if the other person has the addon as well) via addon-message in the background.
  • Offers loot you don't want to others, and handles accepting bids, picking a winner and trading automatically.
  • Figures out what you and other players can trade and use, so you only have to decide when it actually makes sense.
  • Includes a masterloot mode with support for loot councils.
  • Most things (like whispers, announces etc.) can be turned on/off based on the type of group (raid/party, guildgroup, LFR) or target (friend, guildmember).

The idea of the addon is to use the built-in roll frames (that are used for group loot etc.), and make them work for personal loot as well. This means that whenever someone in your party/raid gets an item the addon will figure out if you could use it (based on armor/weapon type, attributes, equipped ilvl etc.), and pop up a roll window for you to decide whether you want it or not. If you click "Need" or "Greed" and the item owner doesn't have the addon as well, then it ask for the item by whispering "Do you need that [item-link]?", and it will also roll (/roll) for the item if the owner posts a link in group chat. If the owner also has the addon, then all this happens in the background without any chat messages.

If you loot an item that someone else could use, then it will show you the same roll window, and offer it to your group if you don't roll "Need" on it. It then accepts bids via whispers, rolls in chat or in the background if the other person is also using the addon, and after a short waiting period it will pick a winner and inform your group about it. If you want to decide yourself you can also right-click on other players' unit frames to directly give them an item that is being rolled for, ending the roll instantly.

Once you won loot from someone or someone won loot from you, the addon will give you a link in chat that you can click on to start following and trading the owner/winner of the item. It will then automatically put won items into the trade window, so you only have to click accept.

Whenever you join a group the addon will start inspecting the other group members, to figure out which items you loot would be interesting for them, and which items they looted should be tradable. The inspection process is done in a way that it shouldn't interfere with your gameplay (e.g. it pauses during boss fights), and there is a 30 ilvls (60 ilvls for trinkets) threshold in place so the addon doesn't ignore stuff that is lower than what you have but e.g. has better stats or a gem slot.

You can open the overview window by clicking on the minimap icon, and then search for or become a masterlooter by clicking the button in the lower right corner. When you become a masterlooter other addon-users in your group will get a message, asking them to accept you as their masterlooter. If they accept, then all loot they get will be distributed by you, so other players' bids on items will go to you, and once a roll has ended you can decide by hand who should get it. The item owner will get a notice in chat, instructing him/her to trade the item to the winner. As a masterlooter you can also declare other players as your loot council, so they will see bids as you do and can vote on who should get the loot.

Use /plr or /PersoLootRoll to open the rolls overview window, manually start rolling for items in your bag etc.

/plr: Open rolls window
/plr roll [item]* (<timeout> <owner>): Start a roll manually for one or more item(s)
/plr bid <owner> ([item]): Bid for an item from another player
/plr options: Open options window
/plr config: Change settings through the command line
/plr help: Print this help message

Legend: [..] = item link, * = one or more times, (..) = optional

I would consider this a Beta release right now. I am using it myself and it works well, but there are probably some bugs left.

These are the things I have planed currently:
  • More translations: Sadly I only speak German and English, so if you speak another language (or find errors in my translations) and want to help then please head over to the CurseForge translation section!
  • Only suggest items for specific specs
  • Transmog mode: Check appearance in addition to stats, ilvl, ...
  • Block (and maybe answer) all trades, whispers etc. for a few seconds after looting an item
  • Customize messages the addon sends to other players

You can either post here in the comments or create an issue over on GitHub if you encounter any bugs or want to suggest a feature.

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