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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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Instance Achievement Tracker  Updated less than 3 days ago!

Version: V2.4.0
by: Dragnog [More]

DISCORD Channel!


Join the discord to get updates about the addon. You can also report bugs there too or suggest new features.

WARNING: This addon is still a work in progress. I've added tracking for over 300 achievements, so there are bound to be some errors. If you come across any issues, It would great if you could report the issue in the comments below or on the discord server.

Instance Achievement Tracker helps track whether the criteria of achievements in raid or dungeons has been met or failed. All information is announced in the appropriate chat channel (raid, party, say) depending on the type of group you are in. Instance Achievement Tracker will also keep track of how many mobs are currently alive for achievements which require you to kill a certain amount of mobs in a time period. You can also easily see which players in the group are missing which achievements and announce tactics directly to the group chat.

Tracks when the criteria of instance have been met and output this to chat
Tracks when the criteria of instance achievements has been failed and outputs this to chat
Keeps track of achievements which require you to kill so many mobs within a certain time period. It will announce to chat when enough mobs have spawned.
Scans all players in the group to see which achievements each player is missing for the current instance
Announce to chat players who are missing achievements for certain bosses
Announce to chat tactics for a certain boss.

Slash Commands:
/iat - Open and closes the GUI

V2.4.0 (August 13, 2018)
Correct Battle for Azeroth Instance ID's
Fixed Instance ID for Scarlet Halls
Added Encounter Id's to BFA dungeons and raids
Added Encounter Id's for Cathedral of Eternal Night & Seat of the Triumvirate
Fixed BFA tracking to work in languages other than English.
Updated CallbackHandler
Updated LibDBIcon

Added Tracking For:
Scared Straight
Wrap God

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
Been Waiting a Long Time For This

V2.3.0 (August 5, 2018)
The addon should now work for people using languages other than English. I've had to change the majority of files
to get this to work so things may of broken which were previously working. If you encounter any issues, reports on
discord would be really appreciated.

Converted all Instance names to Instance ID's to allow detection to work in other languages
Fixed buttons on GUI not working in other languages
Only clear variables if the function exists. This will stop errors in instances with no tracking.
Added support for localization. The language strings for these will be released in a future version. Still a lot of work
to do for this.

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
Rescue Raiders - Converted spell name to ID
Death From Above - Converted spell name to ID
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