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Titanl Panel [Quests]  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v0.21
by: Corgi [More]

Displays number of quests in Titan Panel. When hovered over it displays the following info:
- total number of quests
- number of Elite quests
- number of Dungeon quests
- number of Raid quests
- number of PvP quests
- number of regular quests (non elite/dungeon/raid/pvp)
- number of quests in log currently completed

Right-click to see a color coded list of current quests. When hovered over a dropdown menu will appear with a list of quest objectives, add to Blizzard's Quest Tracker, share quest, abandon quest, open quest details and link quest to chat. Clicking on the quest will open a window with full quest details.

The Options menu allows you to sort and groupthe quests by level, zone, or by title. You can also apply a filter to view only dungeon, elite, complete, incomplete, or regular quests.

Can toggle MonkeyQuest, QuestHistory, PartyQuests, QuestIon and QuestBank if these AddOns are installed.

NOTE: Requires Titan Panel version 3.0+

TODO: Minor French and German translations. Complete Korean translations.

Patch Notes
v0.21 (January 13, 2007 9:03 PST)
- update for changes to GetQuestLogTitle() (thanks Perigoso)
- removed quest list display truncation
- updated toc#

v0.20 (December 27, 2006 11:00 PST)
- changed MaxQuests to 25 (thanks Bubs)

v0.19 (December 11, 2006 9:15 PST)
- updated toc# [Corgi]

v0.18 (June 8, 2006 01:00 PST)
- updated toc# to latest patch) [Ryessa]
- fixed background on quest detail frame [Ryessa]
- re-positioned close button on text frame [Ryessa]

v0.17 (January 7, 2006 13:30 PST)
- fixed quest detail frame

v0.16 (January 6, 2006 10:00 PST)
- updated toc# for 1.9 patch

v0.15 (September 20, 2005 10:15 PST)
- updated toc# for 1.70 patch
- fixed the error caused when minimizing a quest section in Blizzard's QuestLog

v0.14 (July 6, 2005 10:18 PST)
- Added persistence of quests over UI reloads and logout [Ryessa]
- Refactored Titan [Quests] into smaller, more logical files TitanQuests (.lua, .xml), TitanQuestsDetails (.lua, .xml), and TitanQuestsUtils (.lua) [Ryessa]

v0.13 (June 28, 2005 9:11 PST)
- fixed bug when clicking on "Quest Details"
- minor German translation fix (thanks Scarabeus)

v0.12 (June 26, 2005 12:35 PST)
- added ability to click on a quest to add to the quest tracker directly [Ryessa]
- added option to set "Watch" or "Quest Details" as primary action when clicking a quest [Ryessa]
- added SHIFT-click to perform the secondary action ("Watch" or "Quest Details") [Ryessa]
- cleaned up info display panel a bit [Ryessa]
- set quests to store their toggle state in Titan variables (prep to persist watched quests between sessions) [Ryessa]
- added option to disable grouping of quests under Zone or Level headings [Ryessa]
- moved a lot of code into utility functions for code cleanliness at cost of a slight perf hit (not noticable) [Ryessa]
- added "Failed" quest tag [Corgi]

v0.11 (June 15, 2005 16:40 PST)
- new quest list layout [Ryessa]
- added option to show only incomplete quests (need loc guys to review) [Ryessa]
- added grouping headers when sorting by location or level [Ryessa]
- moved most options to a side menu because of the larger size from grouping [Ryessa]
- Shortened English tooltip descriptors [Ryessa]
- Changed Titan button text to be NumComplete/NumCurrent [Ryessa]
- updated for Titan Panel 1.24 [Corgi]

v0.10 (June 7, 2005 20:30 PST)
- German localization changes (thanks Kaesemuffin)
- added French localization (thanks Vorpale)
- toc updated for 1.50 patch

v0.09 (June 2, 2005 15:31 PST)
- fixed bug that was causing WoW.exe to crash when changing characters
- added German localization (thanks Scarabeus)

v0.08 (May 30, 2005 14:00 PST)
- added the ability to sort the quest list by location (default), level or title.
- added the ability to just show quests based on their type (ie, just show elite quests).

v0.07 (May 27, 2005 17:41 PST)
- added a [Quests] icon for the Titan Panel, which can be turned on/off.
- minor changes to text displayed in mouseover tooltip.

v0.06 (May 20, 2005 20:27 PST)
- added 'Quest Details' button to quest dropdown menu.
- added a 'Link Quest' button to quest dropdown menu.
- added Location to Quest Details.
- added colored quest level text to Quest Details window title.
- fixed ui scaling issue with Quest Details window.
- added 'Toggle' dropdown menu to toggle the blizzard's quest log and various 3rd party addons.
- clicking on quest now opens a movable window with complete quest info, including rewards.
- Share Quest has been added to quest dropdown menu.
- Abandon Quest has been added to quest dropdown menu (a window will open for confirmation).
- localization.lua is ready for german, french and korean translations

v0.05 (May 15, 2005 16:20 PST)
- clicking on a quest in the quest list will open a dropdown menu showing the quest objectives and a button to add/remove the quest from Blizzard's Quest Tracker.
- added quest location and complete tag to the quest list.
- added the ability to toggle PartyQuests, QuestBank, QuestIon if they are installed.
- changed 'About' button to open a dropdown menu displaying mod name, version and author name.

v0.04 (May 14, 2005 19:43 PST)
- added the ability to toggle MonkeyQuest and/or QuestHistory from the right-click menu if they are installed.
- added version info to mouseover tooltip.
- added 'About' to right-click menu, which opens a window displaying mod name, version and author name.

v0.03 (May 13, 2005 14:28 PST)
- clicking on quest will now open the quest log to that particular quest.

v0.02 (May 13, 2005 12:01 PST)
- fixed typo to allow 'Show Label Text' to work.

v0.01 (May 13, 2005 10:30 PST)
- Initial Release

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Unread 12-17-06, 03:30 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: Re: C Stack overflow

Originally posted by Corgi
Might be conflicting w/ another mod. Do you have any other type of quest mods installed (ie PartyQuests, etc)?
Nope, not that I am aware of. I disabled ct_questmod cause it stopped numbering my quests last patch. If something is tainting the quest log I don't know how to find out.
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Unread 12-17-06, 09:46 AM  
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Re: C Stack overflow

Might be conflicting w/ another mod. Do you have any other type of quest mods installed (ie PartyQuests, etc)?
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Unread 12-17-06, 05:08 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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C Stack overflow

I'm getting the following error in beta when I mouse over the addon in the titan bar.

Error: C stack overflow
Count: 8
Error: C stack overflow
File: Interface\AddOns\Titan\TitanTooltip.lua
Line: 93
Count: 1

It could be because one quest i have it says the description is too long to show in a tooltip.
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